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Teacher’s Pet

Daily Devotional for May 25, 2016

Read: James 3:13-18

Bible version changes do not affect the Key audio or "Today's Key Verse," below.

"Are we going to invite Bea to our slumber party Friday night?" Nicole asked her friend Payton as they sat on Nicole's bed, going over their party plans.

Payton shook her head. "No way! We don't want the teacher's pet at our party." She looked at the list. "Looks like we're inviting all the girls in our class except Bea."

Nicole put a finger to her lips. "If my folks find out, we'll have to invite Bea, too," she said. "Keep it quiet, will you?" Nicole slipped the list into her desk drawer, and the girls went down to the kitchen.

"Hi, girls," Nicole's father greeted them. "Look what I've got."

"A puppy!" exclaimed Nicole when she saw what Dad held in his arms. She took the puppy and cuddled him under her chin. "Can we keep him?" she asked eagerly. "I'll take care of him--I'll teach him good doggie manners!" Then she thought of their other dog. "Has Dugan seen him?" she asked.

Dad smiled. "No, Dugan hasn't seen him yet," he said, "but yes, we can keep him--if Dugan will let us, that is. Let's go see."

When they opened the porch door to go out, a collie came bounding across the yard. Suddenly he stopped and growled deeply. "Come on, Dugan. Don't act like that," coaxed Nicole. "This puppy wants to be your friend." The puppy whined, but Dugan growled again. "Shame on you, Dugan," scolded Nicole. Turning to her father, she asked, "Why is he being so mean, Dad?"

"Because he's jealous," answered Dad. "Dugan doesn't want you to have another pet."

As the girls looked at each other, they both suddenly realized that they had been acting just like Dugan because they were jealous of Bea.

"I think the two dogs can learn to be friends," said Dad, "but for now, you'd better take the puppy inside."

The girls took the puppy to Nicole's room. "I think I'll name him Blackie," said Nicole. "Here, hold him for me a minute." She handed the puppy to Payton, then pulled out the list for the party and added Bea's name. "Guess what, Blackie?" she said, patting the dog's head. "On Friday you're gonna meet all the girls in our class! Barbara J. Westberg

Have you let jealousy creep into your life? Maybe you envy someone who always has the right answers in class or a brother or sister who gets a lot of your parents’ attention. Jealousy is ugly and cruel, and it can make you displease God by doing unkind things. If you’re jealous of someone, ask God to help you see all the good things He’s put in your life. Then do something nice for that person.

Where envy and self-seeking exist, confusion and every evil thing are there.
*Verse displayed is NKJV

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