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Building a Bright Future on a Strong Foundation

Hudsonville, MIAs in every ministry with nearly 75 years of amazing history, it's hard not to look back and think of the good ol' days. While it's certainly important to honor those who came before us, the challenge is to not look back too long, neglecting the present and being unprepared for the future. 

The good news is Keys for Kids Ministries (formerly Children's Bible Hour) is a ministry that has a solid foundation to build our future on. Even better news is that Keys for Kids isn't only embracing the future but blazing a trail for others to follow. 

On Thursday, Oct. 20 Keys for Kids Ministries held our annual celebration dinner. This celebration dinner wasn't just looking at the past, but preparing for the future and outlining those plans. 

Dozens of people from across West Michigan met for dinner at the Pinnacle Center in Hudsonville to hear those plans.

The even began with this video, setting the stage for the evening. 

Building a Bright Future on a Strong Foundation from Keys for Kids Ministries on Vimeo.

Vice President of Helping Hands Ministry Chris Knobloch was the emcee of the evening, while Brennan Uthe, Associate Pastor of Worship and Music at Racine Bible Church in Wisconsin, lead the crowd in music. Both were a part of Children's Bible Hour as children. 

Uthe told attendees, "Not only was I able to sing for Christ, but CBH helped me be prepared to share the Gospel with people." 

Keys for Kids continues to ignite a passion for Christ in kids and their families through new forms of media including full-time radio for kids on Keys for Kids Radio (, radio programming on radio stations around the world, and online and print devotionals.

Music Director of Keys for Kids Radio Tami Morris read a letter from Darlene from Flushing, Michigan.  

Jade Darlene Jewel "These are my little princesses. Their names are Jade and Jewel, now 9 and 8 years old. These are two little girls God gave me a passion for.


"They live next door to me. They have never been to Sunday school and their parents wouldn’t let me take them. I asked if they could come to my house for private Sunday school lessons once a week. Their parents gladly agreed.


"For two years I’ve been teaching Bible characters, the true meaning of Easter and Christmas, etc. I was running out of ideas when my cousin sent me a Keys for Kids devotional. It was exactly what I needed to teach Jade and Jewel, two young girls with no church background, about Scripture. 


"The good news is both girls have made professions of faith and desire to learn even more about Christ. The amazing thing is their mother saw such a change in the girls that she wanted to know why. She started coming to the lessons too. Now she has given her heart to Christ." They're now sharing their faith with their dad. 


The fundraising event was also streamed online. Was it a success? With your help, Keys for Kids Ministries was able to raise a little more than $20,000, which helps reach 40,000 kids with the Gospel through meaningful stories shared on the radio, in print, and online that point kids to Christ. 


If you'd like to support Keys for Kids Ministries with your best gift, would you consider matching what those in attendance were asked to give$100? Your gift will provide the funding needed to print 100 devotionals, fund an hour's worth of programming on Keys for Kids Radio, or help supply two Keys for Kids StoryTellers to orphaned children in Africa. 


Donate by clicking the donate button on this page. 


If you'd like to see the celebration dinner program, click here



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