CBH has been a part of my life for 58 years, singing in the kids choir, trios, old fashioned radio to making records that have turned into tapes then CD’s to videos to DVD’s.  How things have changed.

I wasn’t always able to give and didn’t really realize how important prayer was to the well-being of CBH or any other ministry. I wasn’t able to give when I was newly married and had a family.  Then I learned how important prayer was and that I needed to give so others could hear about what Jesus has done for them.

My sister was a tiny tot and recited scripture for many years.  We got to know Uncle Charlie very well.  He has been a dear friend to our family for many years.  He was there when my mother passed away.  She was a great prayer warrior.

I have loved children forever and I know how important it is that they are reached when they’re young.  CBH has done that for years.  I want this to continue for many years to come, so I’m giving and praying so many others will find Jesus.

May God continue to bless CBH and give you wisdom and direction.  God bless all of you.


When I was a child  growing up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we listened to CBH with Aunt Bertha and Uncle Charlie and they told Bible stories in a way that I could relate to.  I asked Jesus to come into my life at a young age.  Children are our future, the world today needs Christ, and what better way to learn about Jesus and the Holy Bible than thru Keys for Kids Ministries.  I am glad to partner in ministry with CBH.


Around 1980 I started listening to Uncle Charlie on the radio.  We have 5 children and since I was finished working at the phone company and they were in school.  I would fast till 3:30 p.m. and listen to CBH.  That’s where I heard about Keys for Kids and sent for the books.  I would try to have devotions with the children that were home.  You know how the enemy doesn’t want you to worship with your family.  But, I kept on hoping someone would hear.

One time a young man I knew and who was married and had been in rehab for days, called me to come and pray for him.  I took my Keys for Kids.  It has the plan of salvation in the back and shared with him and then we prayed.  PTL he came to me years later and said I was the only one who ever believed in him.  But God does!

Once I gave a copy of Keys for Kids to my friend for her granddaughter.  The next time we got together alot of adults were in the house visiting.  All of a sudden the granddaughter who was around 7 years old announced to everyone it was time for the devotion and read the page for the day to all these adults.  Look what God has done!  He says to come as a little child.

I’m almost 72 now and I’m still reading Keys for Kids and giving my extra books to adults and children.

Thanks for all you do and I pray for all of you daily.  Who will tell the children?  Praise God – Keys for Kids will.


When my wife and I started supporting CBH, our children were young and “Keys for Kids” was a wonderful way for presenting God’s word to them through stories that they could relate to and understand.  It wasn’t until many years later when our children had children of their own that we realized how much CBH meant to us.

Our 23 month old grandson was diagnosed with Lymphoma.  One night the phone rang and a CBH representative called to thank us for our support over the years.  At the end of the call, he asked if he could pray with me and if I had any special request?  I told him about our grandson and he not only prayed for him, he placed his name on the weekly prayer list for CBH employees.  In addition, he shared our story with Uncle Charlie who later contacted me by e-mail.  I love to tell people about the kind and caring people at CBH.  I’m proud to support the work and the people of Keys for Kids Ministries.

Thank you again Terre!  It’s my prayer that your new web site is a grand success in reaching young people for Jesus Christ.  This is the most impressionable time in their life.


If you reach a boy or girl early for Jesus their lives are spared from much heartache and sorrow.

I’ve listened to CBH since I was 13 years old and still listen (73 now). My husband and I flew to Grand Rapids to meet Uncle Charlie. He gave us a tour thru the building. We later went to Lynchburg to see the program.

Uncle Charlie has a heart for God and deep love for boys and girls. I love it when he shares what some of those young people are doing today. Cherilyn and Mark are two I remember the most. I still play a tape of Cherilyn singing “I came to know Him early, I came to know Him young, He touched my heart. PTL.”

I’ve purchased many tapes, CD’s and books and will continue. They make nice gifts. Also Keys for Kids. Parents tell me they really like reading those to their children.

God bless Uncle Charlie and all those who make CBH possible for boys and girls to have an opportunity to come to Jesus as a child.

Charles & Kathy

We choose to partner with Keys for Kids Ministries because we know how important it is for children to be introduced to Jesus at a young age. Their hearts are open and eager, and their minds are being filled with so much that the world offers.

Your materials – books, radio programs, internet programs are excellent – attractive, fun and up to date. Our children (and us too) listened to Uncle Charlie and enjoyed Keys for Kids way back when.

They are grown now and we are great grandparents, but we continue to take pleasure in giving to and praying for CBH and your outreach to children everywhere.

Gerard & Judy

My husband and I have listened to Keys for Kids Ministries over the years and believe in their commitment to reach out to the children all over the world with the gospel of Christ. While our children were young, they listened to CBH with Uncle Charlie and attended most rallies. They loved listening to the music and story times. Growing up, I also listened to Aunt Bertha and went to rallies. It helped me grow in Christ!

Also, we have watched as you have tried to bring your ministry to those youth involved in the video games of today by making iTOADu.com available. May God continue to bless you as you seek to reach out to our youth!
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