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Toby and the Gurdwara

Daily Devotional for August 20, 2018

Read: Matthew 9:10-13; 1 Corinthians 10:14-17, 19-21

Bible version changes do not affect the Key audio or "Today's Key Verse," below.

"Singur invited me to his birthday party next Saturday," Toby told his mom and older sister, Katrina, who was doing homework with her hair tied up in a bandana. "He's an awesome soccer player." Toby pretended to head-butt a soccer ball into a goal, then raised his arms in victory.

"You could get him a hat with his favorite team's logo on it," Mom said.

Toby shook his head. "Singur always wears a turban. It's part of his religion. He's a sick."

"He means Sikh, Mom." Katrina slipped off her bandana.

"Singur's mom said I can spend the night after the party," Toby said.

"What about church on Sunday?" Mom asked.

"I could go with Singur to his gurdwara. It's like church."

"A gurdwara is not a church," Mom said. "Sikhism is a different religion from Christianity."

"But that doesn't mean Toby shouldn't be friends with Singur, does it?" Katrina asked. "Didn't Jesus make friends with all kinds of people?"

"He did," Mom said, "and He shared God's love with them. But He never participated in things they did that went against who He was. Sikhs don't worship Jesus, so a gurdwara is not a place of worship for Christians. We need to be careful that the things we do with our friends take us in the direction we want to go as followers of Jesus."

"Give me your leg, Toby," Katrina said. "I want to show you something." She put her own leg next to Toby's and tied their ankles together with her bandana. "You go left. I'll go right."

When Toby tried to walk away from his sister, he fell. "You're tied to Jesus, and you need to go in the same direction as Him," Katrina said. "Otherwise you won't go anywhere but down."

Toby got to his feet. "Mom, I think I should go to Singur's party and spend the night, but I'll tell him I can't go to his gurdwara because I have my own church to be part of."

"Good thinking," Mom said. "You might even get a chance to tell him about Jesus and what He's done for you."

Toby nodded. "And for his gift, I think I'll get him a bandana with his favorite soccer team. It'll work great for winning a three-legged race!" Holland Webb

Do you have friends who don’t know Jesus? How can you be a friend to them without going against who you are as a Christian? Jesus was friends with all kinds of people, but that doesn’t mean He went along with everything they did. Ask Him to give you wisdom in knowing how to be friends with people who aren’t Christians while remaining true to Him.

TODAY'S KEY VERSE: Matthew 4:19 (KJV)
“Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.” (NIV)

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