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Mom and Dad—you gonna pay me for that?

Posted on 4/22/2018 by Greg Yoder

Don’t you wish you got paid for everything you did around the house? $10 for the laundry, $25 to mow the lawn—how about $50 to clean out the garage? That would add up quickly, wouldn’t it? The reality is there are some things in life we HAVE to do because it’s a responsibility. In my opinion, kids should have similar responsibilities. Making their bed, keeping their room clean, and helping with dinner or the dishes aren’t something they should get paid for. But, special projects around the house—yes. We need to put a price on it ahead of time and then treat it like a real job. Then, talk to our kids about how to spend that money: God, savings, self. Learning early will help avoid heartache later.

Suggested Reading: Philippians 2:14-15

Keys for Kids Parent Minute is a one-minute daily feature, hosted by Greg Yoder, the executive director of Keys for Kids Ministries. Amidst a vast sea of parenting experts, Greg is a real parent who’s had successes and failures raising kids. Greg shares the good and the bad about raising his own four kids–three of which are now adults. He’s a real parent and grandparent, talking to real parents and grandparents about real issues facing kids and their families today.

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