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I want to lead my kids in devotions, but I don’t know where to start.

Posted on 10/28/2020 by Greg Yoder

If you’re new to the faith, or you weren’t led by parents who knew how to do it, you need help. And that’s okay. I did. That’s why Keys for Kids Ministries provides a quarterly devotional to help you out. Now, we’ve got something else to not only help you lead your kids—but will encourage them to think about those who need Christ. It’s our new Creature Feature Storytellers. The storyteller is a solar-powered MP3 device, held by a cuddly stuffed animal. It features a complete Bible—and 300+ Keys for Kids devotional stories in audio. When you buy one, you in essence fund Storytellers overseas. Go to for more information.

Suggested Reading: 1 Peter 3:15-16

Keys for Kids Parent Minute is a one-minute daily feature, hosted by Greg Yoder, the president of Keys for Kids Ministries. Amidst a vast sea of parenting experts, Greg is a real parent who’s had successes and failures raising kids. Greg shares the good and the bad about raising his own four kids–all of them now adults. He’s a real parent and grandparent, talking to real parents and grandparents about real issues facing kids and their families today.

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