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Disciplining grandkids? Who wants to do that?

Posted on 2/9/2020 by Greg Yoder

Deane writes, “How involved do you get in your kids’ lives once they leave the roost? And, how do we discipline our grandchildren in line with what our kids want?” First, be as involved as your kids and grandkids want you to be. There’s nothing better than a healthy, close relationship with the ones you love. But don’t overdo it. The last thing we want to be is that person who’s greeted with an eye roll, rather than a big, smiling hug. Secondly, what grandparent wants to discipline their grandkids? Certainly not me! If discipline needs to happen—and it can wait—let Mom and Dad deal with it. Remember, you’re the GRANDPARENT. But, if your grandkids live with you, you’re really the parental figure.

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