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I can’t believe it. My child’s a bully.

Posted on 10/4/2020 by Greg Yoder

I know—you’ve raised your kids in a Christian home. You’ve talked to them about treating others like you’d want to be treated, but you get the report from the child’s principal, and you’re floored. I can only imagine the embarrassment. Don’t worry, Mom. It’s okay. They’re young. You can turn this around. First, realize this: maybe your son or daughter has just started to realize that they can use their size to get what they want. Help them realize that’s sin. It’s wrong. Read Bible verses about humility and the fruits of the Spirit. And then help them realize they need to ask those they’ve bullied for forgiveness. Bullying happens at all levels of society. Let’s help our kids understand it, confess it, and correct it.

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