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I hope you support the LGBT

Posted on 5/12/2019 by Greg Yoder

Has your family been labeled bigoted because of your beliefs? While Jesus never outright condemned homosexuality, he did endorse the law of the Old Testament, which DID condemn it. I received an email from someone saying he wouldn’t donate to Keys for Kids if we didn’t support LGBT children. While we don’t support that BEHAVIOR, we do support loving them- just like we support loving kids who have a tendency to lie, steal, cheat, lust or do other sinful things outlined in Scripture. THAT should be our focus as Christian families- LOVING people no matter the sin. Jesus did. He hung out with tax collectors, prostitutes, the selfish. That’s why his detractors called him the friend of sinners. As Christians, our example to our kids and our neighbors should be love.

Suggested Reading: Matthew 11:19 Luke 5:31-32

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