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Kids—you’re probably ignoring them.

Posted on 2/2/2020 by Greg Yoder

As parents, the last thing we want to hear from anybody is that we’re ignoring our kids. They need us. But did you know we ARE ignoring our kids? 70% of people around the world who come to Christ make that commitment between their 4th and their 14th birthdays; according to the 4/14 Window people, churches are spending less than 3% of their budget to reach them.How are we ignoring our kids? Aren’t we leaders in our churches deciding where the money’s being spent? Think of this. The most fertile ground, spiritually speaking, is the work that’s most underfunded. Mom and Dad, let’s encourage our churches to reach out to kids who need Christ and support groups like Keys for Kids Ministries where kids are coming to Christ daily. 

1All statistics mentioned are from “An Introduction to the 4/14 Window,” ExplainEDtv,

Suggested Reading: 2 Corinthians 9:7

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