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My daughter wants blue hair!

Posted on 10/25/2018 by Greg Yoder

Blue hair. I don’t like it either. My problem is I don’t like any hair color that’s not “normal.” Question: is blue hair an essential, conviction, or a preference? Yeah, I went there, sorry. I’m speaking to the choir, though, because I don’t like it either. I had rules in our house. No blue (or other color) hair, tattoos, or multiple piercings until they were ready to move out of the house. I didn’t want them to do something stupid that would make them unemployable, you know? But still, is that a mountain that we should die on? My first thought is, “Do my kids respect me enough to honor my standards?” But now I’m thinking, “Why was that a rule? To make it MORE difficult?” What do you think? Let me know at our website.

Suggested Reading: Romans 14:1-13
Friday, November 30, 2018 8:58 AM
I was just listening to the radio and heard your little minute and normally I appreciate the things that you say but this one really offended me. Seriously blue hair? And that's what you're going to get upset over? To say you don't like it "either" assumes that your listener is one that doesn't like it as well. Let me say I am a 45 year old mother of four teenage boys, I work with two youth groups in two different churches, I am around youth all the time... my hair goes down to my waist and it's blue. I'm sure you saw that coming. I get the piercings and the tattoos as those are permanent. Although I will say I have all of the above. Ears are pierced and I have two tattoos. By the way, I'm also the church secretary at our church of a lot of elderly people. Not a single one of them has an issue with my blue hair. PS my mom is 64 and has purple streaks in her hair. This issue I think you need to back away from the mountain that you are creating in your home and allow her that. She'll love you for it. It's a temporary thing and if you do it right it's not offencive at all. Streaks or dye the underneath if she's got long hair. You wouldn't even see that she has color in it unless she puts it in a braid as I do and that's when you see my blue hair. Otherwise I'll say again, just a little offended by your generalities in that one. In His grip, Sarah
Greg Yoder
Friday, November 30, 2018 10:03 AM
Sarah, I'm not sure you understood my post. While I HAD those "rules" I'm NOT sure they were good. As you read to the end I said, "is (blue hair) a mountain that we should die on? Later, "Why was that a rule?" Frankly, I think I was too rigid and legalistic. I'm a work in progress like a lot of parents and grand parents. So, I agree with you. I'm sorry I offended you. I'm also sorry this Parent Minute wasn't more clear that I'm on your side. ~ Greg Yoder

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