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What are we letting into our homes?

Posted on 7/7/2016 by Greg Yoder

Compromise. Do you compromise the values of a follower of Christ? No? What about the times you play music where the lyrics are a little raunchy at best? Or have you ever let a TV show into your home where there are practicing adulterers, liars, or cheaters? Recently, I was just getting ready to change the channel when my daughter yelled, “It’s only a TV show, Dad. It’s not real.” To which I said, “Do we follow the teaching of Scripture, which says flee from all appearances of evil? Or do we teach the theology of, 'I can tune out all the bad stuff.' ” Unfortunately, one is biblical. The other isn’t. So, what are you going to teach your kids? A biblical worldview or one of compromise? But I hope your choice is loving. Choose wisely.

Suggested Reading: 1 Thessalonians 5:21-28
Tags: Parenting, TV, evil

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