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What’s our parental mission statement?

Posted on 3/14/2018 by Greg Yoder

In a culture where mission statements and strategic plans are important for organizations and businesses, I’m wondering if you know what your mission is as a parent. Yes, we’re here to nurture and protect our kids, but is it to give them everything they need to be successful? Is it good for us to make our kids top priority in our lives? Shouldn’t our priorities be to put God first, our spouses second, and everything else third? Why? Well, when we put our kids first, they can become entitled and selfish. Shouldn’t our mission be to point them to a Savior who can give them the most important thing—eternal life? Statistics say 70% of Christians who come to Christ do so between their 4th and 14th birthdays.1 I hope that’s your mission.

1“An Introduction to the 4/14 Window,” ExplainEDtv,

Suggested Reading: Psalm 25:12-14
Wednesday, March 14, 2018 6:14 AM
Re 03/13/18 "Listening to Country Music"
You asked what do "you" think. Paul tells us in Phil. 4:8 what and how we ought to think, and dwell on. We are to be Christ like...WWJD?

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