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Why does Katie get to stay up later than me?

Posted on 11/2/2017 by Greg Yoder

How many times have we said to our kids, “life’s not fair”? Frankly, it’s not. When we’re confronted with this fairness issue with our kiddos, it’s important to point out the silly things that aren’t fair. It’s not fair that our kids can run and run without getting tired. Or, that they always get to ride the fun rides at the store, like those dime horses that go up and down. Point out that we’re just too big. And as smaller people, they don’t have as much responsibility: homework, paying bills, and jobs (like our teens do). Remember that God doesn’t want “fair,”—if He did, salvation wouldn’t be possible because we ALL deserve His judgment. Instead, we’re given his grace and mercy. Celebrate that today.

Suggested Reading: Romans 6:23

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