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Daily Devotional for March 21, 2019
Bible Reading: John 12:44-50

"Hey, Joel, come look at this cool bird," Adam called to his friend.

"He\'s pretty neat. Especially with the green and purple colors on his wings," Joel observed. "I sure am glad your dad brought us to the pet store. Especially after the last stop."

"You mean when we stopped to talk to Pastor Michaels?" Adam asked.

"Yeah. All the Bible talk was confusing
and kind of boring," Joel answered uncomfortably. "Hey, let\'s go look at the fish!" he suggested, changing the subject.

They looked at the fish a while, then headed to the hamster cages where Adam\'s father was standing. "Just look at this hamster," Dad said, pointing to a small, furry brown animal.

"He sure is running on that wheel of his," Joel said.

"Dad, why do hamsters run on these wheels all the time when it doesn\'t get them anywhere?" Adam asked.

"It\'s in their nature. They have a natural tendency to run, and when they\'re in a cage, running on a wheel is the only way they can get rid of their energy," Dad explained. "Did you know that people are like hamsters sometimes?"

Adam and Joel looked at each other. "People are like hamsters?" Joel asked. "How?"

"People have the tendency to run from God. It\'s in our human nature," Dad explained.

"Why do people run from God?" Adam asked.

"There are lots of reasons, but ultimately it\'s because we don\'t believe we need to be saved from our sin," Dad explained. "We don\'t believe what God says in the Bible, or we think we can do enough good things to get into heaven. But like that hamster on the wheel, no matter how hard we run from God or try to save ourselves, we never get very far. All we have to do is step off our wheel and let Jesus take over. He died so we could be saved and have a relationship with Him forever."

Joel thought for a moment. "Do you think I could come to church with you this Sunday?" he asked.

Adam and his dad looked at each other and smiled. "Of course you can come," said Dad. "We\'ll pick you up on the way!" Elena Ketner

Then [Jesus] said to the disciples, "
anyone who rejects me is rejecting God, who sent me." (NLT) (Luke 10:16)

How about you?
Are you trying to run from God? Do you think you can make it to heaven on your own? You won\'t get very far. God sees us no matter where we go or how far we try to run from Him. He knows you\'ll never be able to save yourself. That\'s why He sent His Son, Jesus, to die for us. Instead of running, step off your wheel and trust in Him.

Key Thought of the Day:
Don\'t run from God


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