Catching Up with Uncle Charlie!

Thanks for joining me on our website. Our ministry has been in operation for more than 70 years! And all the changes that have come in 70 years are almost unbelievable! For instance, when I was born waaay back in 1934, there was no television, no computers, no freeways, and no websites!! In fact, I was born the year before plastic was invented!  Ouch! That hurts!

But the GOOD NEWS is that the same God Who was there 70 years ago, is the same God that directs our lives today. And…His offer of salvation from sin, and a home in Heaven is just as good today as it was back then. He is the God Who never changes.

Lots of people think they can get to Heaven by their good works, by going to church, and being kind to others. Those are great things, but they don’t do anything get us to Heaven. Jesus said in John 14:6: “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father (God) but by Me.”  Now my question is: what are YOU trusting in to get to Heaven? If you have any doubts about this, be sure to click on “The ABC’s of Salvation” when you go to the “For Kids” link on our home page.

And that’s also where you can click on the link to play games, go to Camp Beyonkey, and much more. Oh…have your folks check out the help for parents we offer.

God bless you!

Your Friend in Jesus,

Uncle Charlie-Phil 1:6 (my life verse)


"Better known as “Uncle Charlie” to millions of kids—young and old —around the world, VanderMeer may not be as active as he once was, but his impact is still felt in immeasurable ways..."

Uncle Charlie's Legacy by Danny Summers (Power for Living)

NRB 2017 Radio Impact Award by National Religious Broadcasters

About Uncle Charlie

The history of the KEYS FOR KIDS MINISTRIES/CHILDREN’S BIBLE HOUR and the personal history of Charlie Vander Meer run along parallel lines.  Children’s Bible Hour began broadcasting in November 1942.

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