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Down Gilead Lane

The Cheater

S2 E04 | Airdate Starting 5/25/2019
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Justin's research paper uncovers the real story about cheating, when he inadvertently helps Tiffany out with her scheme to copy his prize-winning topic.

What starts out as an innocent conversation about the week's assignments turns hot water for Justin and Tiffany.

Have you ever been tempted to cheat? Sure you have! But have you ever been asked to help someone do it?

(Read Genesis 3.) Both Adam and Eve got punished for eating the forbidden fruit. But before He got his punishment, Adam tried to pass the blame over to Eve for giving him the apple in the first place.

God judged both of them harshly for what they did. Eve for listening to the serpent (temptation) and Adam for doing what Eve told him even though he knew it was wrong. And there's no way to cheat around that!

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In this second season, you'll get even closer to Coleraine's favorite family - The Morrisons! You'll see how the kids are growing in their faith and learn even more about the mystery that has everyone in town talking. This season kicks off with the Fall Festival - where Haley thinks she deserves to be on center stage. Will a big head affect her big debut? PLUS - Maya Richter's family is rich and powerful. And she's one of the meanest girls in school! Can truth of God's grace really make a big change in her heart? Every box set contains scenes never heard on the radio or the web!

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