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Down Gilead Lane

The Unlovables, Part 2

S1 E03 | Airdate Starting 1/12/2019
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In the last episode, Michael was struggling over his friendship with Maya the Meanie. "Try a little kindness," Mom and Dad said! So
he does. What he gets for it is a lot more grief and a possible failing grade on his science experiment! It happens in class, when Maya--in a total fit--demolishes Michael and Anna's experiment. But who takes the blame? Michael does! But, through all this bad stuff comes the opportunity to do the ultimate good.


Would you take the blame for someone else's rage?


Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good (Romans 12:21). It doesn't get any clearer than that! Whether it's in school or in your neighborhood, there's always somebody who seems to enjoy making other people miserable. Even when they're at their meanest, God asks you to answer them with goodness.

Here's what you can do: remember that God loves them, too! Pray for His love to heal them of their bitterness and that they would come to know His love. Try to get to know them--find out why they're so angry. No matter how bad they are, never answer evil with evil.

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In this second season, you'll get even closer to Coleraine's favorite family - The Morrisons! You'll see how the kids are growing in their faith and learn even more about the mystery that has everyone in town talking. This season kicks off with the Fall Festival - where Haley thinks she deserves to be on center stage. Will a big head affect her big debut? PLUS - Maya Richter's family is rich and powerful. And she's one of the meanest girls in school! Can truth of God's grace really make a big change in her heart? Every box set contains scenes never heard on the radio or the web!

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