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Down Gilead Lane

Saving Messages

S12 E11 | Airdate Starting 10/13/2018
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Tiffany Richter is having issues with her family's temporary confinement. When she sees a way out, she faces a tough decision whether she wants to stay with her family or leave the country for good.

How About You?
Have you ever had to watch someone close to you choose to make a bad decision?

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It is not easy to watch people you are close to make decisions that you know might not be the best option for them. Sometimes, you just want to force them to do what you think is the right thing instead of let them choose for themselves.

But when we are faced with times like these, it's helpful to remember that God watches us make bad decisions every day. None of us is perfect, and yet God doesn't grab us out from heaven and force us to do the right thing. He even knows everything past and what will happen, and yet he doesn't tell us what we have to do.

We need to remember that God is sovereign. That means that he is ultimately in control of everything that does and will happen. Even if Tiffany makes a decision to go across the world with her boyfriend, it doesn't mean that God is standing up in heaven, surprised at what is happening. He has the whole world in his hands, and he will make even the worst decisions that we and others make work out for the good.

Romans 8:28 says, And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.

So when we or others we love make decisions that might not look like the best option, we can pray for them and love them, but then ultimately give them up to our Father in Heaven, knowing that he is totally in control--no matter what.

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In this second season, you'll get even closer to Coleraine's favorite family - The Morrisons! You'll see how the kids are growing in their faith and learn even more about the mystery that has everyone in town talking. This season kicks off with the Fall Festival - where Haley thinks she deserves to be on center stage. Will a big head affect her big debut? PLUS - Maya Richter's family is rich and powerful. And she's one of the meanest girls in school! Can truth of God's grace really make a big change in her heart? Every box set contains scenes never heard on the radio or the web!

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