Season 9

The Hope That Heals (CD:S-12)
The true source for hope and healing.
Memories and Milestones (CD:G9-1)
Change can test our faith.
Misrudderstandings (CD:G9-2)
Guarding your tongue.
A Story of Grace and Hope (CD:G9-3)
Obeying and doing your part.
The Heart of the Treasure (CD:G9-4)
Needs vs. wants.
School Graze (CD:G9-5)
Power, influence, and responsibility.
Much Ado About Something (CD:G9-6)
Forgiveness and the restoration of relationships.
The Locked Door (CD:G9-7)
Healing wounds through prayer.
Shades of Chartreuse (CD:G9-8)
Showing love to those hurting.
The Showdown (CD:G9-9)
Using scripture to sharpen, not stab.
Knock, Knock, Who's There? (CD:G9-10)
Don't judge based on appearances. 
It's a Richterful Life (CD:G9-11)
Praying about someone vs. praying for someone.
Letting Go (CD:G9-12)
Saying goodbye to the past and embracing the future.
Table Talk (CD:S-13)
Putting the Christmas Back in Hope (CD:S-14)
Christmas: traditions.
The Greatest of These (CD:S-15)
The true meaning of love.
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