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Ashis receives Storyteller in NepalKeys for Kids Ministries exists to ignite a passion for Christ in kids, teens, and families worldwide. Our goal is to give every child and their family an opportunity to respond to the gospel of Christ in their own language. We're doing it more than ever before through our Keys for Kids Creature Feature Storyteller. Since 80% of the world's population are oral learners, printed material isn't as effective with them. 

These solar-powered MP3 devices and stuffed animal Storyteller holders come equipped with nearly 30 hours of Keys for Kids devotional stories plus a Bible in audio. They’re also equipped with a flashlight, headphones, and USB charging cable making it perfect for outreach work in hard to reach areas of the world.

These units are currently available in Albanian, Arabic, English, Greek, Macedonian, Nepali, and Spanish. However, Urdu is nearly completed. Farsi, Pashto, and Swahili are in various stages of development. Our goal is to provide Storytellers in the top 100 languages of the world, or languages to which we believe God is leading us to produce. Here's a video about the Storyteller. 

Keys fro Kids Storyteller Overview from Keys for Kids Ministries

We’re using Storytellers in different ways.

  1. We’re selling Creature Feature Storytellers to people who want them for the kids in their lives. All proceeds will go toward making sure more kids can be reached through Keys for Kids Ministries. When you buy one, one is placed somewhere around the world. 

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  2. We’re asking people like you to donate. As you do you're helping us to distribute Storytellers to ministries who are using them in evangelism, discipleship, and church planting efforts. The funding is also being used in new language development. The most pressing need right now is buying units for outreach for our partners in the Middle East, Albania, Greece, Macedonia, and in the migrant crisis in Latin America and along the USA/Mexico border.

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