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A Special Name

Daily Devotional for May 21, 2022

Read: Exodus 20:7; Philippians 2:5-11

Bible version changes do not affect the Key audio or "Today's Key Verse," below.

Peggy sat on the porch step as tears trickled down her cheeks. "What's the matter, honey?" Mom asked as she sat down beside her.

"The Holden brothers started calling me names again. I was just walking past their house on my way to Jamie's and they started saying, ‘There goes Miss Piggy.' They always make fun of my name when they see me. I'm Miss Piggy or Piggy Peggy or Peg Leg the Pirate to them."

"I know that must hurt a lot," said Mom. "You know your name is extra special because you were named after your grandmother Peggy. She was such a kind, godly woman, and every time I say your name, it reminds me of her. It's sad those boys want to make fun of such a beautiful name."

Peggy sniffled. "Sometimes I wish I had a different name."

"Our names are important to us," Mom agreed. "When people make fun of our name or use it in a rude way, it can make us feel angry and upset. God knows how you feel, Peggy."

"He does?" said Peggy.

Mom nodded. "People use His name in disrespectful ways all the time. When they use the name of God or Jesus in a flippant way when they're surprised or upset, they aren't showing the proper honor His name deserves."

"What's flippant?" asked Peggy.

"Flippant means not showing a respectful attitude. One of the Ten Commandments says, ‘You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God.' And then in the New Testament, Paul reminds us that one day, everyone will bow at the name of Jesus because His name is above all other names."

"I guess God does understand how I feel when the boys make fun of my name. I really don't want to change my name. I just want them to stop making fun of it."

"I do too," said Mom. "I think I'd better give Mrs. Holden a call. But remember, your name is special no matter what people say, and you have another name that's even more special."

"I do?" asked Peggy. "What name is that?"

"Christian," said Mom. "It's a name that means you belong to Jesus and have His goodness and love in your heart. When you show His love to others--even when they're mean to you--you're honoring His name."

-Kendra Angle

Have you heard God’s name used in a way that was disrespectful? Maybe you’ve even used it that way yourself. The Bible is very clear that God and His name deserve our respect. After He died and rose again to save us, Jesus was given the highest place of honor, and one day every person on earth will bow at His name. Respect His name when you speak it and also in the way you live as a Christian.

TODAY'S KEY VERSE: Philippians 2:9 (KJV)
Therefore God exalted him [Jesus] to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name. (NIV)

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