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Luna's Wings

Daily Devotional for April 23, 2024

Read: Psalm 36:7-9; John 14:26-28

Bible version changes do not affect the Key audio or "Today's Key Verse," below.

Stroking the hen's feathers, Rowan grinned as the chicks tugged at his pants, then scuttled under their mother. "Hi, girls." His sisters Opal and Sylvie joined him, peering under the hen at the chicks, but they knew better than to touch.

"They're so cute!" Five-year-old Rosalind tried to grab a chick, but the chick's mother puffed up and jumped at her defensively.

"Rosie, you have to be gentle, or else Luna will do that again," Mom said as she walked up and peeled off her gardening gloves. "She's a very protective mother, you know."

The chicks at last were allowed to wander out, but when the dog, Arabella, came bounding up, the chicks--Stella, Sunshine, Nova, and Aurora--scurried to take cover under Luna's outspread wings.

Rowan hopped up and grabbed Arabella's collar. "Whoa there, girl. You can't do that. See, you've frightened them." Arabella whined apologetically.

"You know," Sylvie said slowly, "this reminds me of a verse I read this morning."

"What?" Opal cocked her head.

Mom smiled. "Let me guess. ‘People take refuge in the shadow of your wings'?"

"Exactly!" Sylvie laughed. "How did you know?"

"We're all reading the Psalms." Mom shrugged. "That was in the one for today."

"What does that mean?" Rosalind wanted to know.

"Think of it this way. When the chicks are afraid, where do they go?"

"Under Luna," Rowan replied promptly.


"Because they like her?" Rosalind guessed.

"Not exactly." Mom smoothed Rosalind's hair. "They go there because they are safe there. Arabella can't reach them there because Luna will protect them. And they know that, by instinct. It's a little like that with us and God. Sometimes we're afraid, or worried, or we feel alone. But like those little chicks, we can take shelter under God's wings. And He is able to protect us far more than Luna could ever protect her chicks. Jesus defeated sin and death to save us, and He promises to always be with us and take care of us."

"So even though Mimi and Papa are sick, and there's a war going on, and we're sometimes so scared we don't know what to do, we can always run to God." Rowan smiled. "Just like Luna's chicks run to her."

– Ellie Shirk

What do you do when you feel afraid or worried? We all get scared sometimes, and we often forget that Jesus is right there with us, holding us. Even when we don’t feel it, He is near. You can always run to Him, and He will shelter you and give you peace. Take refuge in the shadow of His wings.

In me [Jesus] you may have peace. In this World you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world. (NIV)

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