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Stronger than the Strongest Man

Daily Devotional for October 24, 2021

Read: Psalm 65:5-13

Bible version changes do not affect the Key audio or "Today's Key Verse," below.

"Wow!" Braxton's eyes went wide as he watched the circus performance. The posters said that the man he was watching was the strongest man in the world. He didn't know if that was true, but the guy sure was strong.

"Think you could do that?" His dad grinned over at him as the man started to break bricks with his hand.

Braxton shook his head. There was no way he would ever be that strong. It would be fun if he could be though.

In church the next morning, Braxton and his family sang about how great and mighty their God was. Braxton couldn't help but think of the man from the circus while singing.

God, are you really mighty like that? Are you really that powerful? He smiled at the thought.

After church, he decided to ask his dad about it. "Is God stronger than the strongest man?" Braxton asked, looking across the living room at his dad.

"Is He...what?" Dad picked up the TV remote and muted the volume on the football game he had been watching.

"Is God stronger than that man we saw at the circus?" Braxton asked. "Like, really?"

"Yes," Dad said. He seemed surprised that Braxton was even asking the question. "He has done so many powerful things."

"Like...making the world?" Braxton asked.

Dad nodded. "And flooding the world. And drying it back up again. Putting a rainbow in the sky. Bringing the sun up into the sky every day. Creating animals, people, the universe--everything there is!"

"And saving all those who trust in Jesus." Braxton's mom stepped into the room. "That is one of the most mighty things God has done."

Dad nodded. "Sending His Son, Jesus, down to earth as a human to die for our sins and then raising Him back to life? Yeah, that was a powerful thing to do. We serve a strong God, Brax. A very strong God."

"He's stronger than anyone?" Braxton asked. "Even the man at the circus?"

His dad smiled. "Even the man at the circus." He flexed a muscle. "And even me."

-Emily Acker

Did you know God is stronger than anyone you might meet on earth? He is a great and powerful God who holds the whole world in His hands. Nothing is too hard for Him—not even saving us from sin and death! He can handle anything, and you can trust Him to help you with all your problems. Doesn’t it make you feel good knowing you have such a strong God looking out for you?

TODAY'S KEY VERSE: Jeremiah 32:17 (KJV)
Ah, Sovereign Lord, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you. (NIV)

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