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Helping Hands

Daily Devotional for January 22, 2022

Read: Matthew 25:34-40; Philippians 2:4

Bible version changes do not affect the Key audio or "Today's Key Verse," below.

Charles stared out the window. He couldn't stop thinking about the Bible verse Pastor Todd read in church about helping those in need. He turned to his dad. "Dad? I want to help."

Dad looked up from his computer. "You lost me, bud."

"Pastor Todd talked about food shortages in Africa and read a verse about helping people in need," Charles said. "Kids are going to bed hungry--kids like me and Lucy. I want to help."

"Me too!" Lucy piped up.

Charles sighed. Lucy was too little to understand. She just wanted to do whatever he did.

"What about a bake sale?" Charles said. "The money could go to buy a goat or chickens. They can provide milk or eggs for a whole village!"

"That's a great idea," Dad said.

Charles grinned. "I'm going to make our famous coconut-chocolate bites."

"Me too!" Lucy threw her hands in the air. "I'll get my apron!"

Charles groaned as Lucy skipped off to the kitchen. "Dad! Tell Lucy she can't help."

"Why not?" Dad asked.

"Because she's too little. She never actually helps, Dad! She'll ruin everything."

"She isn't the best helping hand, is she?" Dad winked at him. "Reminds me of someone else. Remember the first time we baked our famous coconut-chocolate bites together?"

"Yeah. You let me pour in the coconut." Charles wrinkled his nose. "Ohhh. My only job was to pour in the coconut."

Dad laughed. "You were a big help back then. Charles, God doesn't actually need our help to feed the poor. He's God--He can do anything! But He wants to include us in His work because we're His children and can help point others to Jesus. And sometimes those who need a helping hand are closer than we think. Sometimes it's someone like your sister who wants to be included and help others too."

Lucy burst into the room, wearing her pink and purple apron. "Ready! What's my job, Charles?"

Charles led the way to the kitchen. "How would you like to pour in the coconut?"

Lucy squealed. "Yes!"

Charles smiled. "Let's go wash our hands."

-Maria Antonia

Do you want to help others? That’s great! Even though God is all-powerful and doesn’t really need our helping hands, He wants to include us in His work because we’re part of His family. When we help and care for others, we’re showing them His love. So whether you help feed the hungry or just show patience to someone else, you are doing it for Jesus.

TODAY'S KEY VERSE: Hebrews 13:16 (KJV)
Don’t forget to do good and to share with those in need. These are the sacrifices that please God. (NLT)

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