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Do you like to color? Then check out the fun coloring pages printed in each issue of our Keys for Kids devotional. Each coloring page also has a how-to video from artist Gina Graham to go along with it. Watch the videos below, then get your crayons or markers and make some art today!

Dec/Jan/Feb 2024

July/Aug/Sep 2023

Apr/May/June 2023

Jan/Feb/Mar 2023

July/Aug/Sep 2020


April/May/June 2020



January/February/March 2020

January 5, 2020 - "Needed Protection"


January 30, 2020 – "The Boomerang Effect"


February 16, 2020  – "Together Is Better"


March 25, 2020  – "Follow Your Heart...Maybe Not"

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