Season 5

Spring Broke Part I (CD:S-8A)
Helping those in need.
Spring Broke Part II (CD:S-8B)
Helping those in need. 
Heart and Soldier (CD:S-9)
Only God brings peace. 
Spoiled Sport (CD:G5-1)
Everything for God's glory.
Justin Time (CD:G5-2)
Brotherly love. 
Snot Fair! (CD:G5-3)
Trials draw us closer to God.
Chocolate-Covered Promises (CD:G5-4)
Keeping your promises.
The Domino Effect (CD:G5-5)
Your actions affect others.
Comeback, Mom (CD:G5-6)
Security in God. 
Talk to Me (CD:G5-7)
Growing up, not apart. 
Brighter Days (CD:G5-8)
Spiritual growth.
Springloaded (CD:G5-9)
Home to Stay (CD:G5-10)
Renewing our walk with God. 
A Time to Mourn... (CD:G5-11)
Coping with tragedy.
...And a Time to Dance (CD:G5-12)
Accepting God's healing grace.
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