Ameen Update:

We’ve recently received an update regarding Ameen’s tribe from FMI, our partners in Pakistan. If you are not familiar with Ameen’s story, you ca read about it below, or you can watch the video. The second part of the video includes a new update regarding Ameen’s tribe from Brother Nehemiah (FMI).


After receiving the Keys for Kids Storytellers for their village, Ameen’s father has now made it mandatory that a Keys for Kids daily devotion is played from the mosque loudspeaker to accompany the first Muslim call to prayer each day! Even our partners have never heard of this happing before, where the Word of God is played from the loudspeaker of a mosque. Praise God! Only He could accomplish something like this! We are so very thankful to be a part of how He is working, and thankful for everyone who has supported this project. Please pray for the salvation of all of Ameen’s tribe, and that God’s Word will continue to spread because of them. If you’d like to be a part of this project and projects just like this one, you can donate below:

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Ameen, the son of a tribal leader, had a reputation as a rude and rebellious boy. However, his actions and attitude began to change after receiving a Storyteller. His father’s curiosity was aroused, and he questioned Ameen about what prompted the change. “It is because of what I have been learning about God in the past two days and His purpose for my life,” Ameen explained as he showed his father the Storyteller. Ameen that he had listening to so many of the devotional stories and Bible verses on the MP3 device that he even skipped his classes at the madrassa (Islamic school) in the past two days. The transformation his father observed happened because Ameen’s spirit was being fed with God’s truths instead of notions of radical Islam. Ameen’s father was intrigued and wanted to know more, so he called Akhtar, an evangelist serving with our partner in northeast Pakistan near the border with Afghanistan. During that conversation, the tribal chief requested more of the Storytellers for other children and families in the village, and he invited Akhtar and our partner evangelists to come to their village. 

The following day, Akhtar (FMI, our partner in Pakistan) and his team reached the address they were given, bringing 200 Storytellers with them. Ameen’s father warmly welcomed them in his temporary shelter and offered them tea. Other adult men from the tribe were also present. Ameen eagerly entered the room and greeted Akhtar with a big smile. Ameen explained how these devotional stories were relatable to him and helped heal traumatic memories of his migration from Afghanistan. He went on to describe the miserable condition of children in his area and how they have no proper school. Ameen pleaded for more Storytellers to pass out to other children in the camp so they could experience this precious peace in their hearts as he did.

This meeting was a great opportunity for our partner to share the Lord’s love with the tribal leaders. Our partners requested permission to share some Scripture before distributing the devices they had brought with them. As Akhtar shared John 14:27, everyone listening was overjoyed by the promise of God’s peace available to them.

The Lord has opened a new door of evangelism in this Muslim area through these Keys for Kids Storyteller audio devotional devices. Ameen’s father asked our partners to stay in contact and visit them in the future. Please pray for the whole tribe’s salvation!

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 FROM OUR PARTNERS IN PAKISTAN: “During this devotional distribution campaign, our hearts were moved in prayer to go to the brick kilns located in the outskirts of Lahore. Housed primarily on site, the workers are some of the poorest of the poor in Pakistan, essentially indentured servants, and primarily Christian. Families are required to make between 1000 and 2000 bricks a day, and all the members of the family are involved, even underage children.

Our partners on the ground went to the nearest brick kiln where they go to minister regularly. These brick kiln workers are modern slaves who don’t even get a single day off to attend a church service. Their children don’t go to school or any Sunday school. One can imagine how precious these audio devotional devices would be for them.

Five families comprising of twenty children (plus adults) received this device as a blessing. With teary eyes, they listened to a few devotions in front of us with matchless happiness. They couldn’t believe that this sacred possession is theirs and that they can listen to the Word of God anytime.
On the same day, the Lord opened another door to sow the seed of faith in a Muslim family. An eleven-year-old girl named Ayesha (pictured here) was watching this from a distance while playing with her dolls. Ayesha shared about overhearing our conversation and how interesting she found the story. She insisted on getting a device too as she wants to listen more. Handing the Bible or any Christian material to a Muslim is considered blasphemy in Pakistan and is a capital offense. Our partners were already hesitant to hand over any material to a child. They told her to bring any adult, so she ran like a flash and brought her mother, who seemed to be a devout Muslim in properly covered attire (hijab). Her mother was curious to know about the “magical” device as she was surprised to see Ayesha’s joy. FMI’s partners did share about their faith, the Bible, and Jesus. She allowed Ayesha to have this device secretly because Ayesha was not ready to leave without it. Ayesha is the only child, born after ten years of marriage. Pray for Ayesha and her family to be saved through this devotional device, Amen!”

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