Frequently Asked Questions


1. What did CBH stand for?
CBH stood for Children’s Bible Hour. Back in 1942, a young girl remarked to her uncle that, although there were Christian broadcasts for adults, there were none for kids. Her uncle, Rev. Gil Cosselman, agreed, and he brought together three other pastors to talk about the possibility of starting a radio ministry for kids. After a lot of praying, planning, and hard work the committee created the concept for Children’s Bible Hour, a 60-minute weekly program of song and story that would present the message of Jesus Christ to kids.

2. Why was Children’s Bible Hour replaced after 59 years of broadcasting?
The Children’s Bible Hour radio program has touched many lives over the years. In more recent years, through research and much feedback from good friends, it seemed that the program wasn't meeting the needs for many of today's kids and families. It was time for a change. The message of Jesus Christ NEVER changes- but the way it's communicated does. After much prayer and hard work, CBH replaced Children’s Bible Hour with Down Gilead Lane, in March 2001.


1. Do you offer different devotionals according to age?
Yes, we have Keys for Kids, a devotional recommended for children ages 6-12.
We also have Unlocked, a devotional with daily readings for teens. The first issue was released July 2019.

2. Do you have different versions to choose from?
No. Our devotionals use multiple versions of Bible. 

3. Do you have Keys for Kids in different languages?
Yes. Our website offers Spanish devotions daily that match Keys for Kids in English. We have new 90 day devotional in Spanish. We'd like to complete three additional quarters as funding and demand allows. There is also a One Year Book available for purchase here. We also have the daily Keys for Kids online in Mandarin Chinese or Spanish here.

4. Can I order Keys for Kids for someone else?
Yes. You can place an order for someone else by giving us their shipping address.

5. Do you ship outside the U.S?
Yes. The easiest way is to call us at (616) 647-4500 and place your order with a credit card. You can also place online orders, but please email us what you are purchasing and we can help figure out your shipping and total cost.

6. What different ways do you offer Keys for Kids?
We have several different options. Check them out here!


1. I am looking for an old song or story I heard on the radio. Do you have those available?
We have several songs and stories available in MP3 format and all our stories are available in script form. You can look them up here or contact us to check their availability.  

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