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Week of Giving - $30,000 Match

We came so close to our goal of $60,000 during our annual Week of Giving May 15-19, 2023. Throughout the week, we shared stories of kids, teens, and families impacted worldwide through Keys for Kids Ministries and the need/requests for the Keys for Kids resources around the world. We also shared some immediate opportunities God has placed before us to spread the love of Christ to other countries. Please read though each day's highlight. Feel free to help us. While the match is no longer available, support for these programs is always needed.

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You gift will help us bring the hope of Jesus to places like Ukraine (and the refugees in surrounding countries), Nepal, Guatemala, and China, as well as fund translation projects such as Swahili, Pashto, and Farsi.

Whatever gift you give will help us reach even MORE kids, teens, and families worldwide!

Week of Giving - Guatemala (Day 5)

Many pastors in Guatemala struggle to find solid discipleship resources for kids and teens in their country, especially given illiteracy rates in some of the rural areas. Keys for Kids has the opportunity to fill this need with Storytellers and the Keys for Kids and Unlocked devotionals. Listen to Jose’s interview below to hear the response of the pastors that received Keys for Kids material in Spanish.

Jose’s interview

While we have some of our material translated into Spanish, our resources will need to be retranslated and contextualized for the Guatemalan people. By partnering with us in international ministry, you will provide the kids, teens, and families of Guatemala resources that will allow them to encounter Jesus and His message of hope and love.

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Week of Giving - China (Day 4)

Keys for Kids Ministries has amazing opportunities to provide Keys for Kids resources in China. Although China is known for persecution of Christians and strict control over media and resources, God is opening doors to spread the gospel through printed devotionals, audio, radio, and more in Mandarin. Below is the Mandarin version of our Unlocked logo.

Beyond translation work for devotionals, your gift to our international ministry during Week of Giving will support the development of an entire Chinese division of Keys for Kids in which we can offer all of our resources in Mandarin. This would include our programming, website, radio, and future resources. 

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Week of Giving - Nepal (Day 3)

Nepal remains an unreached country in that nearly 90% of the population remains unreached with the gospel, and nearly 96% of Nepal’s people groups have not yet been reached ( Because of your support, Keys for Kids Ministries and Good News Nepal are working to change that. The video clips below show how both the printed devotionals and Storytellers are used by pastors and Sunday School teachers/group leaders to instruct a group of children.


When used in a group setting as the people of Nepal do, each Storyteller reaches an average of 125 kids/people. With a gift of $50 during the Week of Giving, you are able to reach 250 kids with the gospel. If you sponsor just one Storyteller per month by becoming a monthly donor, you will provide the hope of Jesus to over 1500 kids this year! Your support, whether $5 or $5000 (or more!), will have an eternal impact on kids, teens, and families worldwide.

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Week of Giving - Pakistan (Day 2)

Pakistan is one of the most dangerous countries in which to be a Christian. It currently ranks at number seven on Open Door’s World Watch List for persecution of Christians. Strict anti-blasphemy laws and laws against proselytizing make sharing the gospel a crime punishable by law, even up to death. Watch the video from our partners at FMI to see how God is using the Storytellers to encourage Pakistani Christians and bring the gospel to Pakistani Muslims.

Our partners at FMI have run out of Storyteller units to distribute. They are requesting 2400 PER MONTH. The people of Pakistan are hungry for the hope that only comes through knowing Christ, and you can provide that hope. A gift of $50 covers the purchase, production, and distribution cost of a Storyteller. Consider sponsoring a device (or two or three or more!) a month by becoming a part of our Ignitor’s Club! Your partnership will support the ongoing need to get the gospel to these kids and families and villages, and kids like them worldwide.

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Week of Giving - Ukraine (Day 1)

Since the invasion of Russia into Ukraine in 2022, God has been working to bring much-needed hope and peace to refugees, civilians, and others through Keys for Kids Ministries and our partners. Hundreds of thousands of devotionals have been distributed in Russian and Ukrainian, and Mission Eurasia is requesting 200,000 more Keys for Kids and Unlocked devotionals. Click on the picture below to read one of the many testimonials coming out of Ukraine and the surrounding areas regarding the impact of the Keys for Kids and Unlocked devotionals. (Note: some of the stories have been edited for grammar or clipped for readability and brevity.) Your gift will provide devotionals that speak Jesus’ love and peace into the lives of desperate, scared, and hopeless kids in their greatest time of need.

Arina, Violetta, and Dayana live in Zaporizhzhia, south-eastern Ukraine. Just recently the girls received a devotional called Unlocked. They loved having a book that would help them grow in the knowledge of Jesus and salvation. Dayana said she was really touched by the devotional called “Friend and Brother” and explained, “If everyone understood that, the world would be a better place.” Arina especially appreciated the devotional called “Loving Those Who Betray You.” Through studying it, she was surprised to find out that God continues to love people despite their sins. She wanted to learn to be that way. All three girls wanted to continue studying the book to learn more about Jesus, and be more like Him.

  • Liza (first row, first left) shared how scared she was in the early days of the war, how she sat in a damp basement hugging her cat, afraid even to think about what would happen next. And then there was the escape with her mother and brother in a cargo van to an unknown place that scared her as much as the explosions. She still comes to her hometown on visits. One of those visits, the group was studying Unlocked, and it was a chapter called “Peace Amidst the Storm,” and that was exactly what she needed to hear. She said, “I think God especially prepared this topic personally for me. Every word resonated in my heart, and I truly found peace and calmness in this storm.”
  • Yura (second row, second left) is at the very beginning of his path with God. The boy has many questions he longs to find answers to. Yura openly shared that the Unlocked devotional truly helps him get those answers. He was particularly touched by the chapter “Fighting Doubts,” because he has many of them! His primary question today was, "Does the Lord hear my prayers if I have doubts about Him?" After studying the chapter and reading from the Bible, he feels more connected to God and is more confident in his faith.

Two boys, Sergey and Misha met in a village in western Ukraine. During Christmas celebrations, Mission Eurasia volunteers went to different villages to distribute Gift of Hope gifts to children there. They were pleasantly surprised to receive gifts with wonderful books. One of the volunteers returned to the village later and saw one of the boys, Misha. He shared, “We read the book with my mom every evening. We don’t have internet because we don’t get much electricity, so my mom reads me stories from the book. At first I didn’t think it was going to be interesting. I thought it was going to be a little boring. But it really was interesting! When we came to the story called ‘Secure Protection’, we realized that Jesus can protect us from danger. I used to be scared, but after that I wasn’t as scared and I believe that Jesus can keep me safe.”


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