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Week of Giving (May 11-17)

Throughout the week, we celebrated how God works, shared stories of kids, teens, and families worldwide being impacted through Keys for Kids Ministries. The need continues to be great worldwide. 

Please read through each day’s highlights to find out about the opportunities available to support this kingdom work. It's never too late to give. It might not be our Week of Giving, but the needs continue all year long. We were asking for $60,000. God had other plans. Through a generous donor providing a $30,000 matching challenge. Through YOU, God raised $61,340. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

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Your gift helps us bring the hope of Jesus to Spanish speakers, public school kids throughout the US, Russia and Ukraine, as well as war refugees in the surrounding countries, Nepal and Pakistan. It will also help fund future translation projects that have been requested for Poland, Brazil, Haiti, Afghanistan, and more. 

Whatever gift you give will help us reach even MORE kids, teens, and families worldwide!

Week of Giving - Upcoming Language Translations (Day 5)

How God is working: We have heard phenomenal stories about how God is working through the Keys for Kids Storytellers and devotionals in other languages, some of which we’ve shared with you this week.

Current Needs: We currently have requests from partners for Keys for Kids and/or Unlocked in the following languages: Pashto (for Afghanistan), Polish (for Poland), French Creole (for Haiti), and Portuguese (for Brazil). This is in addition to some that have been on our list, or are in varying stages of completion, including Farsi, Swahili, Chinese, and more. Your support gives kids, teens, and families worldwide the chance to hear the gospel in their own languages.


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Week of Giving - Nepal and Pakistan Ministry (Day 4)

How God is working: We’ve been keeping you up to date with the awesome ways God is working in Nepal and Pakistan! Many of you could hardly believe it when we said that there is a Muslim community in Pakistan that listens to the Bible and Keys for Kids stories in Urdu over the mosque loudspeaker for the morning call to prayer. We could hardly believe it ourselves. What a MIGHTY God we serve!

Current Needs: Our partners in both Nepal and Pakistan are out of Storytellers in the Nepali and Urdu languages. Your support helps us get more devices so that kids worldwide can hear about Jesus in their own language.



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Week of Giving - Devotionals in Russian and Ukrainian (Day 3)

How God is working: In the past two years, we’ve been able to print 400,000 copies of Keys for Kids and Unlocked into Russian and Ukrainian for refugee work as the war continues. We’ve heard stories about teens using Unlocked as their evangelism tools to share the hope of the gospel with fellow teen refugees, and we’re witnessing the spread of the gospel amid the horrors of war.

Current Needs: Our partners working there are requesting 200,000 more devotionals this year. Translation work is nearly complete, but funding is needed for printing. These are some of the only resources our partners can still use in aid efforts as the ongoing war has dried up funding for them and, thanks to your support, we’ve been able to provide them at no charge. Your support is desperately needed so that they can continue their efforts to spread the hope of Jesus to people experiencing hopelessness. 

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Week of Giving - Domestic Ministry - Public School Tour (Day 2)

How God is working: Keys for Kids Ministries produces Keys for Kids and Unlocked devotionals for kids and teens in print and audio for radio, podcast, and app distribution. God has brought Keys for Kids Ministries and 3 Heath Brothers together in a partnership to spread the love of God in the USA through the Public School Tour! The 3 Heath Brothers perform in public schools throughout the US on the Public School Tour. At the conclusion of the concerts, they pass out Keys for Kids and Unlocked devotionals. This ministry is free to the public schools. 

Current Needs: It costs approx. $3000 per school for this ministry, including travel, gas, the devotionals, and more. The amount of schools we minister to depends heavily on the amount of support we receive. Your support gives even more public school kids the chance to hear about God’s love.

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Week of Giving - Spanish Ministry (Day 1)

How God is working: He has blessed us with a 90 day printed volume of Keys for Kids in Spanish, and llavesdelcielo.org, which offers Keys for Kids devotions in Spanish continually online. 

Current Needs: We need to update our Spanish audio (which is over 10 years old) and expand our current offering of 300 audio devotionals to 360. The requests for our Spanish devos continues to rise, and we haven’t been able to keep up with the needs. 


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