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Keys for Kids Ministries has a tremendous opportunity to help translate Keys for Kids (our kid's devotional) and Unlocked (our teen devotional) into Russian and Ukrainian. In partnership with Chad and Leanna Wiebe with Send International, we hope to provide printed devotionals and audio to help kids, teens, and families in Russia and Ukraine know Jesus better. It's all part of our Storyteller international media outreach mission. 

Your gift of $65 pays for one week of translations. $250 covers a whole month. And $150 covers the printing costs of 200 devotionals.

This is just the beginning. Once the translation work is completed, audio production will begin. That will allow us to add Keys for Kids and Unlocked to our Storytellers library of Albanian, Arabic, English, Greek, Macedonian, and Spanish. Nepali should be completed in early 2021. Russian and Ukrainian could be completed as soon as December 2021.  

There are 1.9 billion children in the world. According to Pew Research, a little more than 31% of the world’s population professes Christianity. That means there are nearly 1.3 billion kids and teens who don’t know Christ—and more than 600 million of them are completely unreached (Joshua Project).

Keys for Kids Ministries is currently partnering with dozens of organizations worldwide that will not only distribute the Creature Feature Storyteller units but also establish listening groups where kids, teens, and families can listen to the stories and audio Bible and then discuss it. 

Thank you for your interest in supporting Keys for Kids Ministries and our Storyteller ministry. Pray that God will give wisdom to the translators. Pray also that God will give them clarity as they do this tedious work. Pray for the writers as they culturalize the content. Pray that God would give favorable bids for the printing costs. And finally, pray for unity in the body of Christ as these devotions roll out.  

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