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Always Watching

Bible Reading: Psalm 56:3-4; Isaiah 26:3-4; Romans 8:35-39

Editor's note: This story addresses violence and may not be suitable for some children.

Kendall sat on her bed and looked at her mother. "Can't we just stay home?" she asked. "I don't want to go downtown. I'm still scared." There had been a shooting in the city a few weeks before, and Kendall wasn't sure she ever wanted to go out in public again.

"Kendall," said Mom, "I understand you're scared, but we can't just hide at home for the rest of our lives."

Kendall slowly got up and went to the window. Looking out, she noticed a little dove all alone on the balcony. It rested peacefully until two large pigeons landed nearby. The young dove began cooing loudly in alarm. Kendall frowned. "If only that little dove had stayed in its nest, it would be safe." Before Mom could answer, the mother dove appeared and the curious pigeons flew away.

Mom gently stroked Kendall's hair. "Honey, that little dove was never really left alone. Its mother was always watching."

Kendall sighed and pressed her forehead against the window. "I wish we had someone to watch and protect us wherever we go so I wouldn't be scared," said Kendall. "Like a bodyguard."

"Oh, there's someone much better than a bodyguard looking out for you, Kendall," said Mom. "You're God's child, and He is constantly caring for you. He loves you, and He'll always be with you no matter where you go."

"But we can't be sure He'll keep us safe, can we?" asked Kendall. "I mean, sometimes Christians get hurt too."

"That's true," said Mom. "We can't understand why He allows some things to happen, but nothing can happen that He doesn't allow. And no matter what happens, He promises to be with us. Jesus died and rose again so we could be God's children and live with Him forever. So even though terrible things happen sometimes, we don't need to be afraid, because God has promised us eternal life with Him, and nothing can take that away from us."

Kendall thought about what her mother said. "So since God is my Father and He's with me, I don't need to be afraid anymore, even though the world is such a scary place."

Mom nodded. "God watches over you every moment. Trust Him. He'll never leave your side."

–Suzanne Daly

How About You?
Do you live in fear because of the terrible things that happen in the world? Are you afraid to leave your house? If you're a child of God, you don't need to live in fear and dread. You're never out of God's sight, and nothing can ever separate you from Him. Nothing that happens ever takes Him by surprise. Trust Him and know He's watching over you.

Today's Key Verse:
The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous, and His ears are open to their cry. (NKJV) (Psalm 34:15)

Today's Key Thought:
God sees and cares for you
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