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Cora’s Creation

Bible Reading: Genesis 1:1, 26-31; Hebrews 11:3

The hum of the sewing machine stopped, and Cora examined her work. "Mom, this is almost ready for you to see." Cora had been measuring and cutting and stitching ever since she arrived home from school, only taking a break for dinner.

"You spent a lot of time on that today," said Cora's brother Bryce. "What are you making?"

"I'll show you." Cora stood up and shook out the material she was using. "Ta-da! Here it is--my own special creation! It's an apron for Dad to use when he barbecues."

Mom smiled. "He needs one of those."

Bryce snorted. "Yeah. Especially one that has flowered pockets and a polka dot bib. Dad won't wear that!"

"Sure he will," Cora said. "It's quite a creation, isn't it?"

"That's not a creation, Cora," said Bryce. "At church we talked about creation and how God created the universe from nothing. You didn't make that thing out of nothing--you used material covered in flowers and polka dots!"

"Then I guess God is the only one who can really create," Cora said. "He's the only one who can make something out of nothing."

"That's true," said Mom. "However, the word create has other meanings in English than just that. When people say they created something, they mean they made something new out of things that already existed."

"Like the thread and fabric I used to make this apron," said Cora. "Or an artist creating a picture using paint and a canvas."

"Right," said Mom. "Or even a writer putting words together to tell a story. There are lots of ways for us to be creative, and God wants us to enjoy using our creative gifts. In fact, our creativity is one of things that shows He made us in His image. He loves to create new things, and He made us that way too. And though we could never create something from nothing like He can, we can take things He's already created and make something new out of them."

"Well, okay," said Bryce. "I guess that flowery apron is your creation after all, Cora."

Cora grinned at her brother. "And since you like my creation so much, the next thing I make will be for you!"

Bryce rolled his eyes and groaned.

-Geri Walcott

How About You?
Did you know that God created you to be creative? He made humans in His own image, and our creativity is one of the ways we reflect Him, the Creator of all. Only God can make something out of nothing, but when you draw a picture, build a birdhouse, or write a story, you are creating by using things He created. Thank Him for creating you and loving you, and find ways to get your creative juices flowing!

Today's Key Verse:
So God created humans in his own image. He created them to be like himself. (ERV) (Genesis 1:27)

Today's Key Thought:
God created us in His image
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