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David’s Refuge

Bible Reading: Psalm 46:1; 91:1-4; Philippians 4:19

"David, your mom is waiting for you."

David started at the sound of Tía Gloria's voice. "Where?"

"At the playground," she answered kindly.

David hurried down the stairs that led up to the home he had known for almost a whole year. He was one of thirty children who lived in the albergue in Lima, Peru, that served as a refuge for children who needed protection.

He looked around. Nearby on a bench, watching a toddler play, was a young woman, who was apparently expecting another child soon.

"Mamá!" David ran to her and gave her a big hug.

She hugged him tight. "David, you've grown so much. Tell me what you've been doing. What have you been learning at school? Are you happy here?"

David soon was talking and smiling, telling his mom about his classes, his friends, and the fun activities he got to do with his albergue family. He played with his little brother and held him. But, after a while, his mom got up, put her bag on her shoulder, and took the toddler's hand. "It's time for me to go," she said.

Pain struck through David's heart. He threw his arms around her. "When can I go back with you?" he asked, fighting tears.

David's mother had a sad look on her face. It was too hard to explain her situation to her little boy. That the safest place for him was there. That she needed a safe place too.

As the door closed behind her, David turned and ran. Tía Gloria found him behind one of the slides.

"David," she said gently, "it's not that your mom doesn't love you. But she needs help too and can't take care of you in the way she wants to right now. But you've been learning about a strong Father who is always there for His children. He's with you, even if others can't be. Who is that?"

"God," David answered, looking up through his tears.

"That's right. God is our refuge--our place of help and comfort. Jesus understands the hurt you're feeling because He experienced the pain of our broken world too when He came to save us. Would you like us to pray to Him right now?"

David nodded. "Yes. And let's pray that He will help my mom too."

-Rachel Avallone

How About You?
Are there times when you feel alone? Have you been disappointed by people you expected to be there when you needed help or love? Even the people who love us the most aren't able to give us all we need. People will fail, because people are imperfect and we live in a broken world. But our heavenly Father will never fail us. He gave us His Son, Jesus, who is with us no matter what. His love never fails.

Today's Key Verse:
Even if my father and mother abandon me, the Lord will hold me close. (NLT) (Psalm 27:10)

Today's Key Thought:
Jesus will never fail us
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