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Here and Everywhere

Bible Reading: Deuteronomy 31:6-8

"Mom? Where is Dubai?" Sawyer asked when he got home from school.

"It's in the Middle East," Mom said. "Why do you want to know?"

"Tobias's dad got a job there. They're moving next month," Sawyer replied. He and Tobias, best friends since preschool, were almost inseparable.

"Oh, I see," said Mom. "Come on. Let me show you where it is." Mom turned on her laptop and opened up a map website. "Here's where we live," she said, pointing to a spot, "and…" She pointed to another spot. "This is Dubai."

At first, Sawyer didn't say a word. He just looked sad, and Mom rested her arm softly on his shoulder. "That's really far away!" Sawyer said after a minute. "I'll miss Tobias." He sighed. "We always play together at recess. I'll be all alone--and Tobias will be too. He won't know anybody in Dubai."

"Not at first," Mom said. "It's hard when friends and family move away." She looked at the computer screen thoughtfully. "Hmmm. Close your eyes and point to anywhere on this map." Sawyer pointed to Asia. "Now see where you pointed," said Mom. Sawyer opened his eyes and looked. "God is there," said Mom. "Now do it again!"

Sawyer closed his eyes again, pointed, and then looked at Australia. "God is there too! Do it again," said Mom.

Sawyer closed his eyes and pointed to Mexico. "Guess what?" Mom said. "God

is there too. No matter where Tobias goes, God will be there--and He's also right here with you. He will always be with you. People may come and go, but Jesus will never leave you! He promises to be with those who trust in Him, no matter where we are or what we go through."

"What if I'm here?" asked Sawyer as he pointed to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

"God is there too!" Mom assured him. "But I won't be! So for now, you're staying right here where I can keep an eye on you, young man!" They both laughed, and Sawyer felt better knowing that when Tobias moved away, neither of them would be alone. He was eager to see Tobias and tell him the good news.

-A. W. Smith

How About You?
Have you had to move to a new place? Has a good friend of yours moved away? Perhaps you sometimes feel alone even though there have been no big changes in where you or your friends or relatives live. Remember that God is with you wherever you are. He fills the whole earth, and if you know Jesus, He is always there to comfort you when you're feeling lonely. No matter where you are, you are never alone.

Today's Key Verse:
[Jesus said,] "I am with you always, even to the end of the world." (NLV) (Matthew 28:20)

Today's Key Thought:
You are never alone
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