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Loose Lips

Bible Reading: Romans 10:13-15; Hebrews 13:15

"Grandma, can we explore in the attic?" asked Kenzie. Once before when the twins were visiting their grandparents, Grandma had taken them up to the attic to show them some old photographs.

"Sure," Grandma replied. "But be sure to put everything back in its place."

Xander and Kenzie had a good time looking through the old trunks in the attic. Kenzie giggled as she held up a long black dress that was covered with tucks and ruffles. "Aren't these old clothes funny?"

"Yeah," said Xander as he tried on one of Grandpa's old hats. He opened another trunk. "Hey, look! This trunk is full of army stuff! Grandpa's dad was in the army, so these must be his things. There's a uniform, pictures of soldiers…even some medals!" He held up a poster with a picture of a sinking ship. Printed on the dark background were the words Loose Lips Sink Ships. "I wonder what this means," said Xander.

"Let's go ask Grandpa," said Kenzie.

They climbed down the narrow stairs, clutching the old poster. When they asked Grandpa about it, his face grew serious. "I remember my dad telling me about that," he said. "During World War Two, people who talked a lot and were careless about what they said were described as having 'loose lips.' These signs were posted in areas where military secrets were discussed. They were a reminder that it could be disastrous to talk about secret plans or about the location of our troops and ships. If enemy spies were to discover such things because someone talked carelessly, it might have meant death to hundreds of sailors or soldiers."

"Wow!" exclaimed Xander. "Just think! Hundreds of lives could be lost if you said a few words to the wrong person!"

Grandpa held up the old poster and thoughtfully gazed at it. "You know, loose lips aren't always bad. In fact, sometimes we need to loosen up our lips in order to save lives."

"What do you mean?" asked Kenzie in surprise.

"God has entrusted a very special message to us--that Jesus died for the sins of everyone and then rose from the dead," Grandpa explained. "It's not a secret, and we should share it. When people hear it and believe in Jesus, they're saved and given eternal life."

-Sherry L. Kuyt

How About You?
How loose are your lips when it comes to telling others about Jesus? Do you talk about what He's done for you? Or are you tight-lipped when it comes to sharing the news that Jesus died and rose again to save us? The Bible says that people have to hear that good news before they can believe. Don't be afraid to talk about Jesus.

Today's Key Verse:
I proclaim your saving acts in the great assembly; I do not seal my lips. (NIV) (Psalm 40:9)

Today's Key Thought:
Talk to others about Jesus
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