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Peyton and Her Shadow

Bible Reading: 1 Corinthians 11:1; 1 Timothy 4:11-15

"Look, Mom!" Ruby called from the patio. "Look at Peyton." Mom looked, and she and Ruby laughed together as they watched the three-year-old play with her shadow in the bright sunlight. Peyton would run as fast as she could, and she saw that her shadow moved right along with her. "Stay there," Peyton commanded the shadow. But it didn't. She took a big jump, and her shadow jumped too. Next she walked slowly. The shadow walked with her. "Okay," said Peyton. "Come with me then." She skipped, and the shadow skipped along, making Peyton laugh.

At dinnertime, Ruby helped set the table. "I'll help too," said Peyton. She carefully watched to see how Ruby placed the dishes and silverware. Then she copied what she observed.

When they sat down to eat, Mom put some lima beans on Peyton's plate before passing them to Ruby, who frowned but put a few on her plate too. After handing the bowl to her younger brother Joey, Ruby hesitantly tasted the beans. Then she took a larger forkful. Seeing her eat them, Joey did the same. Peyton watched them for a minute and then began to eat hers.

After dinner, Dad got up from the table. "Who will help me wash the car before dark?"

Ruby spoke after a few moments of silence. "I'll help. I can wash the windows inside the car while you wash the outside."

"I'll help too!" said Joey quickly.

"Me too!" added Peyton.

Ruby laughed. "What is this? Copy Ruby night?"

Mom smiled. "Remember Peyton and her shadow? Whether she liked it or not, her shadow was with her wherever she went. That's like the influence we have over others. What we do and say can influence other people."

"Yes," said Dad. "Which is why we need to trust God to help us influence others in a good way. As Christians, we have the Holy Spirit, who is working in our lives to make us more like Jesus, allowing us to become living examples of what He is like--especially to other believers, our brothers and sisters in Christ."

Mom nodded. "It's such a blessing to have mature Christians in our lives who encourage us through their examples, and I think Joey and Peyton are really blessed by your example, Ruby."

Ruby smiled. "Thanks."

-Hazel W. Marett

How About You?
Does your influence encourage those who know Jesus to live for Him? Does it encourage those who don't know Jesus to want to learn more about Him? Remember that being out under the bright sun gives you a good, sharp shadow. In a similar way, resting in the Son of God--Jesus--allows you to be a living example of His goodness through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Today's Key Verse:
Be an example to the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity. (NKJV) (1 Timothy 4:12)

Today's Key Thought:
Live as an example of Jesus
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