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The Greatest Gift of All

Bible Reading: John 3:16-21

Ethan dragged his heavy feet as he walked down the stairs on Christmas morning. He missed his dad. This was their first Christmas without him. Dad lived with his new family now, leaving Ethan and Mom to celebrate alone.

Mom was waiting for Ethan in the living room. Ethan smiled when he saw his stuffed stocking. "My stocking is full!"

Mom grinned. "Of course. It's Christmas!"

Ethan's heart lightened when he spied more gifts under the tree. "Can I open them?"

"Go for it!"

Ethan tore into the packages, thanking Mom for every new toothbrush and T-shirt. He ripped the wrapping paper off the biggest present last. "It's the skateboard I wanted! How did you know?"

"Moms just know these things." Mom winked.

Ethan gave her a big hug. Still, he felt like he was missing something. "Did Dad get me anything?"

Mom's smile faded. "Oh yeah."

She handed Ethan a white envelope. Ethan opened it carefully. Whatever Dad got him, Ethan wanted it to be special. He reached his hand in and pulled out a couple twenty dollar bills.

Tears filled Ethan's eyes. He'd hoped for something different. A note, maybe. News that Dad was coming home. Something to show Dad was thinking about him. "Money?"

"I know. He probably wasn't sure what else to get you." Mom held Ethan close. "But, Ethan, did you know there is a gift so much better than all of this? Even better than your skateboard?"

Ethan wiped his nose on the sleeve of his Christmas pajamas. "You mean Jesus?"

"Yes. Jesus. That's what this day is all about. God sending His Son to be with us and to die for us so that we can live forever with Him. I know those words might not help right now, but they're true."

Ethan sat up and looked Mom in the eye. How had he almost forgotten about the real meaning of Christmas, about the gift from God that was too wonderful to even explain?

"I love you, Mom. And I love God, and I'm so happy it's Christmas. No matter what Dad got me." And Ethan was telling the truth. God had given him the greatest gift of all.

-Becca Wierwille

How About You?
Have you ever been disappointed with a gift? When things don't turn out how we expect, we might feel upset. But no matter what happens, and no matter what's under the tree on Christmas morning, we have already received the greatest gift of all. God sent Jesus to die for us so we can live with Him forever. That gift is better than words can describe. This Christmas, thank God for giving you the greatest gift of all.

Today's Key Verse:
Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift! (NKJV) (2 Corinthians 9:15 )

Today's Key Thought:
Jesus is our greatest gift
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