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The Right Clothes

Bible Reading: Isaiah 61:10; Revelation 19:5-9

Olive and Elliot were excited about the costume party their youth group was going to have. There was going to be a prize for the best homemade character costume.

"I hope I win first prize," Olive said as she worked on her princess costume. She showed Elliot a little paper crown decorated with beads. "Do you like my jeweled tiara?"

"Nice!" said Elliot. "I just finished making a hat for my Robin Hood costume." He proudly displayed his handiwork.

Olive grinned. "Well, if I don't win, I hope you do!"

When they got dressed for the party later that week, Mom looked them over. "You both look great," she said. "I'd give each of you a prize."

After the party, Olive and Elliot rushed into the house. "Guess what?" Elliot exclaimed. "We both won! The judges couldn't decide which costume was best, so they said it was a tie."

"Yeah." Olive nodded. "I guess we kinda hogged the prizes. I almost feel guilty." She giggled. "Almost, but not quite!"

"Well, I'm glad you kids had fun," said Mom.

"We did," said Elliot. "And we even learned something too! Pastor Perry talked about all the work that went into costumes for this one evening of fun. Then he said we should make sure we have the right clothes for something even more important. He said the Bible talks about being clothed with salvation and righteousness."

Olive nodded. "When we trust Jesus to save us from sin, we're covered with His goodness, and that makes us acceptable in God's sight. In that sense, Jesus gives us the clothes we need to have eternal life with Him."

"That's right," said Mom. "Those are the clothes that really matter. We're so often concerned about what we wear to school or work or even a costume party, but it's much more important to make sure we have the right clothes for eternity. We need Jesus to cover us with His goodness and grace."

"Olive and I are both dressed for eternity," said Elliot.

"Yep. We both know Jesus!" Olive tugged at her princess dress. "But right now, I'm ready to change out of this costume and put on my pajamas."

Mom nodded. "Good night, Robin Hood and Princess Olive."

-Hazel W. Marett

How About You?
Do you put a lot of thought into what you wear to school or to a costume party? That's fine, but don't forget about the most important outfit of all. You need Jesus to clothe you in salvation and righteousness--you need Him to save you from sin and give you His goodness. Trust in Him so you'll have the right clothes for eternity. (To learn more, click the "Good News!" button in the right column of this page.)

Today's Key Verse:
I am overwhelmed with joy in the Lord my God! For he has dressed me with the clothing of salvation and draped me in a robe of righteousness. (NLT) (Isaiah 61:10)

Today's Key Thought:
Be dressed for eternity
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