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A Gift to Share

Bible Reading: Romans 1:15-16

Rodrigo stood in his front yard, tossing a baseball into the air. He grinned as his friend pulled up on his bike. "Hey, Damon!"

"Hey!" Damon stopped and kicked the bike stand into place. He handed Rodrigo a small present. "Happy birthday!"

"Thanks!" Rodrigo grinned. "I also got this new mitt from my grandparents. No balls are going to get away from me now!"

"Cool," said Damon. "I could really use a mitt like that."

"And my brother gave me this baseball, and Mom and Dad gave me a scooter."

"Wow!" Damon flopped down on the lawn. "I could use all those things."

Rodrigo laughed. "Sorry, but your birthday isn't for another six months! But I'll share the gifts I got with you." Suddenly, he remembered he had never shared with his friend about another gift he'd recently received--the gift of eternal life. I should tell Damon about that, he thought. It's a gift he can have too.

Rodrigo took a deep breath and sat down on the grass next to Damon. "I got another gift I really want to share with you." He paused and said a silent prayer asking God to help him say what he needed to. "It's a gift from God."

Damon gave him a questioning look. "What kind of gift?"

"A few months ago, Riley invited me to come to vacation Bible school at his church. The teacher there explained how Jesus, God's Son, died to take the punishment for our wrongs and then rose from the dead. If we trust in Him, He gives us the gift of eternal life. I decided to accept that gift, and…" Rodrigo paused. "I just wanted you to know you can have it too. It's way better than any other gift you could ever get! I go to Riley's church every week now, and you can come with me sometime to learn more about Jesus if you want to."

Damon picked at the blades of grass at his feet. "Maybe I will. I've heard of Jesus, but I don't really know much about Him." He nodded at the unopened present Rodrigo was still holding. "Well, what are you waiting for? Open your gift!"

-Hazel W. Marett

How About You?
Have you received God's gift of eternal life through Jesus? If you know Jesus as your Savior, He's given you that gift. He's forgiven you for the wrong things you've done and promises you'll never be separated from Him, not even by death. Have you shared that gift with your friends? Eternal life with Jesus is a wonderful gift they can have too. Don't be afraid to share what Jesus has done for you.

Today's Key Verse:
When people sin, they earn what sin pays--death. But God gives his people a free gift--eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. (ERV) (Romans 6:23)

Today's Key Thought:
Share the gift of Jesus
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