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The Treasure Hunt

Bible Reading: Ecclesiastes 5:18-19; James 1:17

The music stopped, and Ellie frantically tried to sit down on the chair she had just passed. She was too late, and she laughed with the other kids when she saw she was out of the musical chairs game. Wearing brightly colored paper hats, the kids were having a great time at their Bible club party.

"Okay, kids. We have just one more game--a treasure hunt," announced Mrs. Weston. "There will be a prize for the first one to find a silver star."

The kids ran all around the yard, looking for the star. They scanned the trees, poked around the flowerbeds, hunted in bushes, and searched the lawn. There was no star anywhere. Suddenly, Anna squealed in delight. "Oh, I see it! I see the star!"

Ellie glanced at Anna, who seemed to be looking over her head. As she turned around to see what it might be, Paul ran up from behind her. "I see it too," he said.

One by one, the kids declared they saw the star…all except Ellie. "Why can't I see it?" she wondered out loud.

With a laugh, Anna reached up and took the paper hat that had been perched on Ellie's head. There on the bright blue hat was a small silver star.

Mrs. Weston came over with two wrapped packages. "Anna gets a prize for finding the star first," she said. "And to be fair, Ellie, this prize is for you since you couldn't see the star on your own head. And now, kids, it's time for a short devotional before you head home."

Mrs. Weston directed them to all sit down on the patio. "Ellie had the treasure and didn't even know it," she said, "and we're all like that sometimes. We fail to see the treasures Jesus gives us. Let's see how many we can name."

The kids took turns mentioning people or things they enjoyed, and Mrs. Weston nodded in agreement. "Those are all treasures from Jesus, and let's not forget the greatest treasure of all--the sacrifice He made so we could have eternal life with Him. Let's ask Him to open our eyes each day to see and appreciate the blessings He's given us."

-Tanya Ferdinandusz

How About You?
Do you have treasures you have failed to see? Perhaps it's a family member, a friend, or a teacher God has placed in your life. Maybe it's your home, clothes, food, or the ability to do something well. What about God's greatest blessing of all--the gift of His Son, Jesus? Don't miss all the treasures He has given you. Ask Him to help you see them, then thank Him for them and enjoy them.

Today's Key Verse:
[God] richly provides us with all things to enjoy. (CSB) (1 Timothy 6:17)

Today's Key Thought:
Enjoy God's blessings
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