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One Day You’ll See

Bible Reading: Revelation 21:1-4; 22:1-5

"Mom, I wish I could explain colors to Lindy," said Maranda. Lindy was a friend from church who was blind. "When I was at the park with her this afternoon, we overhead some people talking about how blue the sky was, and she told me she wished she could understand what that meant." Maranda sighed. "I've tried to explain it to her, but she just doesn't understand what I'm talking about."

"I know. Since she's always been blind, it's hard for her to understand what color is like because she's never experienced it," said Mom. "Her other senses seem to be more in tune than ours though. For example, she recognizes a lot of people by their footsteps."

Just then Beckett arrived home from Bible club. "I'm starving! Is there anything to eat?"

"There's some carrots and dip in the fridge," said Mom. "What did you learn at Bible club, Beckett?"

"We learned about heaven and what it will be like when Jesus returns and makes everything perfect," Beckett said as he got out a plate. "It sounds cool, but it's hard to imagine what it will be like. The Bible talks about it, but I don't understand it very well."

"Neither do I," said Maranda. "My teacher tried to explain what it would be like, but…" She shrugged. "I can't quite picture what we'll be doing there all the time. I guess it will be a lot different."

Mom thought for a moment. "Maranda, remember how difficult--even impossible--it is for Lindy to understand what colors are? In the same way, it's hard--impossible--for us to understand exactly what it will be like when Jesus gives us perfect bodies and makes all things new. We won't totally know that until it happens."

"What if we don't like it there?" asked Beckett.

"Do you think Lindy wishes she could see--even though she doesn't really understand what it's like?" Mom asked.

"Of course," said Maranda. "From what people tell her, she knows that it's wonderful to be able to see." Maranda smiled. "And one day she will! One day Lindy will see Jesus face-to-face."

"And so will we," said Mom. "Everyone who knows Him as their Savior will spend eternity with Him, and it will be better than anything we can imagine."

– Tanya Ferdinandusz

How About You?
Do you have questions about heaven? Do you wonder what life will be like when Jesus returns and makes everything new? Heaven will certainly be different from your life on earth now, but you can be sure that it will be wonderful--and far better than anything we enjoy here. Best of all, Jesus will be there! We will finally see Him face-to-face, and we'll live with Him forever.

Today's Key Verse:
Now we see in a mirror, dimly, but then face to face. (NKJV) (1 Corinthians 13:12)

Today's Key Thought:
Heaven will be wonderful
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