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Bible Reading: Matthew 18:11-13; John 10:11-14

Amir closed his eyes and sighed in frustration. For the first time, Wyatt had accepted an invitation to go to church. The teacher had explained that people are lost in sin, and Jesus came to find them and save them. But Wyatt didn't understand. "I don't get it," he said as he and Amir walked home. "It doesn't make sense! A perfect God wouldn't search for people, because He wouldn't need them for anything--especially not people who keep messing up all the time." Amir didn't know how to explain it any better than their teacher had.

"I've had enough God talk," Wyatt said as they rounded the corner. "Wanna stop at my house for a while?" Amir nodded.

When the boys arrived at Wyatt's house, his little sister Rosalie ran up to them. "Wyatt!" she called. "Ranger's missing!"

"What?" Wyatt suddenly looked like he was about to panic. He loved his family's dog.

"I looked all around the neighborhood for him, but I can't find him," said Rosalie. "Can you go look for him, Wyatt?"

"I'll help," said Amir, and the boys took off in different directions, calling the dog's name and whistling for him.

Amir circled the block, and when he got back to Wyatt's house, he found Wyatt throwing sticks for the dog. "Ranger heard me call and came to me," Wyatt said with a grin. "I think he wanted to be found!"

That gave Amir an idea. "Why did you have to go look for Ranger?" he asked.

"Because he was lost," said Wyatt, looking puzzled. "Besides, I didn't have to look for him--I wanted to! He's my dog--he belongs with me."

Amir grinned. "Right, and you know what? Jesus didn't have to look for us either. He wanted to because He made us and we belong with Him. Jesus loves you, Wyatt, even more than you love Ranger. He wants to find you, and He can--but you have to want to be found." Wyatt looked a bit startled. "Come over sometime and we can talk about it some more," said Amir. "Okay?"

Wyatt watched Ranger chew the end of a stick. "Maybe," he said thoughtfully. "I'll think about it."

– Paulette Cross

How About You?
Have you ever lost something really important to you and wanted to find it? That's how God feels about people--about you. If you haven't trusted Jesus as your Savior, you are lost in sin. The good news is that Jesus is looking for you. Trust Him to find you and bring you home. (To learn more, click the "Good News!" button in the right column of this page or go to

Today's Key Verse:
The Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost. (NIV) (Luke 19:10 )

Today's Key Thought:
God wants to find you
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