"It’S All About Me"

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Season 1 | Ep. 12

The whole family is in an uproar over the attic, when the parents declare it open space for whoever comes up with the best plan for how to use it.

It's easy to notice how unique the kids are from each other when they each come up with different ways to redesign the attic. Justin needs a laboratory, Brooke sees it as a library and Michael just wants "something cool!"

Have you ever felt like making a decision on something was impossible because everybody wanted their own way?

(Read Luke 9:12-17) Jesus had to deal with the same problem. He had thousands of hungry people waiting for Him and He only had 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish! But, by His blessing, "they all ate and were satisfied."

You have to wonder if some of those hungry people looked at Jesus holding up those few loaves and the tiny fish and had doubts that He would be able to feed them all with it. But He did! And actually, there was so much food that they were able to pass the plate to the next group and so on

So the next time you're facing a decision that calls for great compromise, put yourself in that crowd of hungry believers and trust that God will take care of your needs, as long as you're prepared to trust in His goodness and willing to "pass the plate" of compromise!

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