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Higher Ways

Daily Devotional for July 28, 2014

Read: Isaiah 55:8-11

A cold wind whipped through the cemetery and stung Colin's face. He tried to listen as the minister read from the Bible. I wonder if Grandpa went to heaven, he thought for the hundredth time in the last few days. On the way home, Colin finally asked the question that lay heavy on his heart: "Did Grandpa go to heaven, Dad?"

Dad looked sober. "We believe so," he replied. "You probably remember that Grandpa didn't show much interest when I talked to him about God." Colin felt empty inside when he heard this, but Dad was still talking. "But Grandpa died on his knees beside his bed," Dad added. "He was apparently talking to God."

Mom spoke in her gentle voice. "Just the day before that, I spent some extra time praying that he would receive Jesus as his Savior, and then I went to his room and told him again how he could have his sins forgiven and be saved. We can't be sure, but we believe Grandpa did put his trust in Jesus just before he died."

Colin felt a little better as he thought about that. Then with a sigh he said, "But I wish I knew for sure."

"I do, too, Colin, but we have to leave Grandpa in God's hands now," said Dad. "We did all we could do. We told Grandpa many times how he could be saved, and for years we prayed he would understand and accept God's gift. We were loving and kind to him, always hoping he would see the difference Jesus made in our lives and would want to know Him, too."

"There are some things we'll never know while we're here on earth," added Mom. "But we told Grandpa what the Bible says, and God promises that His Word will accomplish what He sends it to do. He also says His ways are higher than ours, and He does all things right."

At home, Colin went to his room and rubbed his fingers over the worn leather of a baseball mitt Grandpa had given him. "Dear Lord," he prayed, "You know I loved Grandpa and want him to be in heaven. Thank You that he knew the way. Thank You for loving him, too, and that You do everything right."

Are you wondering if someone you love went to heaven when he or she died? It always hurts when a loved one dies, but it’s especially painful when you don’t know for certain that person was saved and went to heaven. If you’re in that position, try not to fret. Rest in the knowledge that God’s ways are right and that He will always do right. Pray for others who are unsaved. Be kind and loving, and do all you can to help them know the way to heaven.

TODAY'S KEY VERSE: Genesis 18:25 (KJV)
Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?
*Verse displayed is NKJV

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