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Don’t Judge

Daily Devotional for December 19, 2014

Read: 1 Samuel 16:4-13

Bible version changes do not affect the Key audio or "Today's Key Verse," below.

"Do you mean that new kid at school?" Juan leaned on the window sill as he talked on the phone. "No way!" Dad, who was working on the lawn just outside the window, could hear the conversation. "Yeah, but he's short. We don't want him on our team," Juan continued. "He doesn't look like a basketball player to me. He doesn't even speak good English!" He paused for a moment. "Well, I'd say to forget him." Juan hung up the phone and went to find his father, who had now started the lawn mower. "Hey, Dad! You were going to teach me to play golf," called Juan above the noisy motor.

Dad stopped the mower. "I changed my mind, Juan," he said.

Juan looked puzzled. "Why?" he asked. "Can't we mow the lawn later?"

Dad nodded. "Yes, we could--but you don't look like a very good golfing prospect. You're not dressed like a golfer, and you don't talk like one, either. You don't look like a golfer to me."

"You can't tell what kind of golfer I'll be by looking at me!" protested Juan.

"No? You're sure?" asked Dad. "I heard you talking about a new kid in your class, and I got the impression that you figured the way people look shows you just what they're like."

Juan was embarrassed. "Oh, well, that kid just looks so different from us and has a foreign accent. He's really different! I bet we wouldn't even like him. Lance thinks we should ask him to be on our basketball team, but . . . but . . ." Juan paused.

"You didn't like me to judge your golfing ability without seeing you play, but you judged that boy's ability without seeing him play, didn't you?" asked Dad. "And you judged his character without really knowing him at all."

"I . . . I guess I did," Juan admitted.

"You know that God says not to judge others," said Dad.

Juan nodded. "I . . . I guess I'd better be friends with the new guy and invite him to show us what he can do," he decided.

Dad smiled. "Yes, and to show you what his values are and what his personality is like," agreed Dad. "Now, about the golf lesson . . . I think we should see what kind of golfer you're going to be."

Do you form opinions about others based on how they look or talk? God loves all the people of the world so much that He gave His Son to die for them. What can you do to show His love to someone who is different from you? Can you smile at him? Invite him over to your house? Include him on your team? Tell him about Jesus? Think of at least one way to demonstrate God’s love to someone else today.

Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment.
*Verse displayed is NKJV

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