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Flea Market Bargain

Daily Devotional for September 15, 2014

Read: Psalm 119:162-168

Cassie stood at the entrance to the flea market and gazed at the noisy scene. Vendors and customers were talking loudly to be heard, and booths full of dishes, toys, books, and furniture spread out through the whole building. "Wow! What a lot of stuff!" she exclaimed as she ran to catch up with her mother. "Are you looking for something special?" asked Cassie.

"Aunt Helen's birthday is next week, so I thought maybe we could find a candy dish for her," replied Mom. "She likes oldfashioned things."

"Yeah, she says they have character." Cassie nodded. "The booth over there has dishes," she added, pointing. So they went to look and soon found one they liked.

"I'm ready to go," said Mom after paying for the dish. "How about you?"

"Can I look at those books first?" asked Cassie, pointing toward another booth.

"Okay," agreed Mom, "but don't go out of this aisle. I'll look at some other things along here, too."

Among the old books, Cassie found a big, tattered family Bible. If it's old enough, it might be worth a lot, she thought. She checked to see how much it cost and found that it was only fifty cents. So she promptly bought it and went to show her mother. "Look, Mom," said Cassie. "Do you think this Bible is old enough to be worth a lot of money?"

"Did you check the date in the front to see when it was printed?" asked Mom.

"I didn't think of that," admitted Cassie. She checked the date and was disappointed to find that the Bible wasn't very old at all.

That evening, Mom showed Dad the candy dish they had bought for Aunt Helen. "Cassie bought something, too," said Mom, smiling at her daughter.

Cassie laughed. "Yeah. I thought I might be getting a priceless treasure, but I forgot to check the date and see if the book I was buying really is old." She sighed dramatically. "It isn't," she said. "The good part is that it cost only fifty cents."

"Oh, but it's still priceless," Mom assured her. "It's the Word of God, which is valuable beyond measure."

Dad smiled. "Sounds like you bought a Bible," he said. "Then Mom's right. Whether it's old and worth a lot of money or not, you did buy priceless treasure."

Do you have a priceless treasure—a Bible? No matter what you paid for your Bible, it is priceless. The paper may not be the finest, and the binding may not be the softest leather. It may not have cost you much money—and if you wanted to sell it, you probably couldn’t get much for it. But the Word of God—that which is written inside—is priceless. It’s full of God’s treasure, but you have to read it to find that treasure. Do you do that? If not, start today!

TODAY'S KEY VERSE: Psalm 119:162 (KJV)
I rejoice at Your word as one who finds great treasure.
*Verse displayed is NKJV

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