Commit to Praying for Kids during Lent


Have you decided to do something for Lent this year? Lent begins February 14 and continues through March 31. Many people give up something for Lent, but we’d like to ask you to take on something during the 40 days of Lent. We’d like you to pray for Keys for Kids Ministries. We’re calling it the 40 Days of Prayer for Kids.

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Week 6

Day 35 (March 25) – Unlocked, our devotional for high school teens, seeks to help readers understand how the gospel affects social issues facing them each day. Teens receive so many messages about gender and sexuality in particular. Unlocked looks to Scripture to help us lovingly and faithfully address these and other issues facing our youth today. Pray for the Unlocked team as they seek to help teens understand and live out a gospel-centered sexuality. 

Day 36 (March 26) – Parent Minute with Greg Yoder is a one-minute radio program heard on more than 170 radio outlets. Greg talks about his experience in raising his kids and his impact on his grandkids. He shares his successes and failures in parenting and grandparenting, using the Bible as his guide for each episode. Pray that God will help the program grow on radio stations around the country and that more parents will tune in each day or sign up to receive Greg’s daily parenting tips at Pray also for inspiration and topics for future episodes.

Day 37 (March 27) – Keys for Kids Ministries receives some of its funding through private foundations. God has opened additional opportunities for funding. To expand the ministry, we are looking for like-minded families and organizations. Pray that the development team will be successful in discovering new foundations that will be willing to support our mission of igniting a passion for Christ in kids, teens, and families worldwide. We have identified 12 foundations that could help provide new funding for Keys for Kids Ministries.

Day 38 (March 28) – Join us in praying for our “Who is Jesus/Know Jesus” campaign. The first step in this campaign is to create evangelistic devotionals for unchurched kids. Pray that we would overcome the many obstacles we are facing in this campaign and that we would find the right devotions that can touch the hearts of kids who have never heard the gospel.

Day 39 (March 29) – Keys for Kids Radio ( is a tough ministry to fully fund because our main listeners are kids, who can’t donate. Another source of funding is recruiting businesses who have a passion for reaching kids to underwrite the cost of this work. Pray that we would be able to find businesses that would be willing to financially support Keys for Kids Radio. Many Christian business leaders are approached daily by ministries for funding, so we’re asking God to help the leaders we talk with to understand the unique value Keys for Kids Radio provides families.

Day 40 (March 30) – The Keys for Kids Board of Directors sacrifices their time to provide leadership for Keys for Kids Ministries. Their experience, dedication, financial support, and love for Christ are all a blessing to us. Pray for each board member today: Duane Culver (Chairman), Scott Cousino (Treasurer), Joe Moss (Vice-Chair), Scott VanderVeen (Marketing Committee Chair), Lee Hageman (Secretary), and Jamie Botsko. Also please pray for additional board members to fill vacancies.

Week 5

Day 29 (March 18) – Our graphic designer, Warren Kramer, creates each cover of Unlocked to depict one of the stories inside the devotional. Pray for Warren as he creates these covers and designs the devotional pages. Pray that God will use the illustrations to draw teens in to read the devotions. Pray that as teens read Unlocked, they’ll not only come to know Jesus but will continue growing in their walks with Christ.

Day 30 (March 19) – Keys for Kids Ministries is looking for partners who can help distribute our Arabic (Egyptian) Storytellers ( to people in areas of the Middle East and North Africa who speak this dialect. Pray that God will provide partners who need these units for their children’s ministry strategy.

Day 31 (March 20) – Keys for Kids Ministries has a unique opportunity to share our ministry at Maranatha Bible and Missionary Conference Center in Michigan on June 22-28. We are their featured mission group for the week. During the week we’ll have 14 opportunities to talk to attendees and then raise funds for the ministry. This year, we’re hoping to raise $90,000 for our Pashto (Afghanistan) translation project, which will allow us to purchase hundreds of Storytellers to distribute in Afghanistan. Pray that people will be prepared to pray and give at Maranatha.

Day 32 (March 21) – Keys Outreach is a program that helps Christian organizations. We provide our devotionals to organizations with their custom logo, a letter from the organization, and pictures, schedule, or other pieces of information the organization wants to communicate. Pray to expand this program to Christian schools, daycare centers, churches, ministries, sports camps and clubs, and businesses. Pray that this would help these Christian organizations to ignite a passion for Christ in kids, teens, and families.

Day 33 (March 22) – We have a goal of increasing our subscribers at Keys for Kids Ministries by 2,500. Join us in prayer for this goal.

Day 34 (March 23) – We are in the process of translating both the Keys for Kids and Unlocked print devotionals into Swahili. However, the couple that was spearheading the project were both killed in a tragic car accident in Kenya. We are unsure about the future of this translation project. The text has already been completed, but the audio recording and production is on hold. Pray that God would comfort the grieving families and raise up a project leader to help take this translation project to the next phase.

Note (March 24): Sundays are not included in the 40 days of Lent. Enjoy celebrating Jesus with your church family today!

Week 4

Day 23 (March 11) – Pray for several of our staff who are struggling with family issues affecting their adult prodigal children. These family members are not living for the Lord, and we’re not sure about their salvation. Would you pray that the Holy Spirit will work in their hearts? Ask God to provide wisdom to our staff who are struggling to know what to do or say that would make a difference.

Day 24 (March 12) – We partnered with FMI and created audio Keys for Kids stories to load onto our Storyteller units in the Urdu language, which is the first language of more than 90 million people living in Pakistan. Pakistan is predominately Muslim, and Christians are persecuted regularly. The Storytellers are extremely effective in reaching kids there. Funding is desperately needed for this program. FMI leaders tell us they could easily use more than 1,000 Storytellers a month. The Storytellers played a part in seeing kids come to faith in Christ in a Muslim village in Northern Pakistan.

Day 25 (March 13) – The Keys for Kids Ministries administrative team includes Dylan Kraayenbrink, Ryan Kidd, Courtney Lasater, Hannah Howe, Ashley Hoekman, Brian Jones, Brian Felten, Andy Ye, Anne Magsig, and Greg Yoder. Pray for wisdom for the team as they run their various areas of Keys for Kids. Together, the team is responsible for approving new partnerships, recommending new policies, and making decisions on the direction of the ministry. Pray that the team will be able to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading and make decisions that will ignite a passion for Christ in kids, teens, and families worldwide. Pray that God will give the team new ideas and wisdom on how to reach kids, teens, and families effectively. 
Day 26 (March 14) – Pray for the audio production of the Keys for Kids and Unlocked devotionals. The production team is always looking for ways to make the program sound better. Ask God to provide ideas to the team that will help grow the distribution network of Keys for Kids. Pray also that God will give clear direction about turning our Unlocked podcast into a syndicated radio program.
Day 27 (March 15) – Keys for Kids Ministries is approaching the time of year when it becomes difficult to raise money: summer. We’ll be holding a few events to help offset that lack of giving. The Keys for Kids Connection Luncheon is scheduled for May 16. our week of giving is slated for that same week. Our summer reading programs begin June 1. Pray with us today that God would raise up an army of new donors who can help us ignite a passion for Christ in kids, teens, and families worldwide. We’re asking God to double the number of monthly donors, whom we affectionately refer to as Key Club Members.  
Day 28 (March 16) – Our summer reading programs start June 1! WORD with Zach is our way of helping kids continue reading during the summer months, and we are launching a new teen summer reading challenge to help teens do the same. As kids and teens open their Bibles and read Keys for Kids or Unlocked, they learn solid biblical truths. Pray that God will increase the number of kids and teens joining the programs. Ask God to bring sponsors to the programs to help fund them and to protect the technology needed to facilitate them.

Note (March 17): Sundays are not included in the 40 days of Lent. Enjoy celebrating Jesus with your church family today!

Week 3

Day 17 (March 4) – Macedonia was a significant place in Scripture. It was the first place Paul preached on his missionary journey. With the help of Radio Emanuel, Keys for Kids Ministries has a Macedonian Storyteller. Pray that ministries would discover this tool and begin using it in their ministry to children.
Day 18 (March 5) – Praise God for opening new opportunities for us in marketing! Please pray for God’s wisdom and leading as we seek avenues in which to reach people with our ministry, as well as for open opportunities for partnerships. Please also pray for us as we work to build the store into a valuable resource center for parents and adults who are discipling kids and teens, and as we work to make some technical changes to our website for easier access and design.
Day 19 (March 6) – Unlocked ( is our devotional for high school teens. Many teens want a devotional to help challenge them in their walk with the Lord. Unlocked is also used by a number of teens who are being led by the Spirit to seek Him, as well as teens who are new in their faith. Pray that their knowledge of God’s Word will deepen. Pray that the Holy Spirit will help each reader or listener have the wisdom needed to understand and connect with what they’re reading or hearing and grow in their faith.
Day 20 (March 7) – Keys for Kids Radio ( provides radio programming to kids 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can hear it when you download our Keys for Kids app (on the app store). Pray for Steve and Dylan as they host Keys for Kids Radio, and for Tami as she creates the music playlist for each day.

Day 21 (March 8) – Keys for Kids Radio broadcasts in many countries around the world. While the United States and Canada are the top two countries, many people are listening in countries that are closed to the gospel. China is just one example. We’re hearing reports that adults are listening to Keys for Kids Radio to learn English. Ask God to use the programming, music, and more to lead people to Christ.

Day 22 (March 9) – Throughout the years, many authors have written for Unlocked. Currently, there are about 20 authors who write devotions regularly for us, and many more who submit less regularly. These contributing authors are teens, college students, youth leaders, and other adults who have a passion to help teens know and follow Jesus. Join us in a prayer of thankfulness for those authors who already contribute, as well as a prayer for more writers, and especially more men (young and old), who can connect with the teen readers of Unlocked.  

Note (March 10): Sundays are not included in the 40 days of Lent. Enjoy celebrating Jesus with your church family today!

Week 2

Day 11 (February 26) – Pray for our Keys for Kids Chinese department. This department has been recently launched and we are working on translating our resources for the Chinese-speaking population worldwide, including restricted places in Asia. We need to raise nearly $60,000 for the department this year.

Day 12 (February 27) – Keys for Kids Ministries has about 20 people who regularly write for our Keys for Kids devotional ( They come from all walks of life. Please pray for our contributors. Pray that God will give them wisdom as they write stories for Keys for Kids. Pray that God will use stories to lead kids to Jesus and encourage them to read the Bible and share their faith with others as they grow spiritually.
Day 13 (February 28) – Emily Tenter, the editorial assistant for our Keys for Kids devotional (and previous host for the Unlocked podcast), is leaving Keys for Kids Ministries so she can stay home with her growing family. We appreciate all the work Emily has done at Keys for Kids over the past five years and are sad to see her go. We are also excited to have Zoe Brickner, a previous intern, join our team as our new editorial assistant. Please pray for both Emily and Zoe as they start these new chapters in their lives. Also pray for our editorial department as we navigate this change and seek God’s guidance in shaping the Keys for Kids devotional in the months and years ahead.

Day 14 (February 29) – The Keys for Kids Storyteller program currently has nine languages completed. We have two more in various phases of completion (Swahili and Pashto). Storytellers are solar-powered MP3 players with an audio Bible and Keys for Kids stories loaded on them ( We continually distribute Storytellers in Nepal and Pakistan. Lack of funding is all that keeps us from doing more. Pray that they would be distributed well, and that they would touch the hearts of unreached people groups in the northwest region of Nepal and Pakistan.
Day 15 (March 1) – Pray for the Keys for Kids Ministries staff and leaders as we begin to create a new strategic plan, which we hope to have completed by the end of the year. Please pray that our staff can work together seamlessly to continue doing the work we do. Sometimes plans can get in the way of the Holy Spirit leading us. Pray that we’ll be open to the Spirit’s leading as we ignite a passion for Christ in kids, teens, and families worldwide.  
Day 16 (March 2) – Pray for Megan, our editorial intern, as she is nearing the end of her work with us. Pray that God will bless the work she has done and that her experience with Keys for Kids Ministries will lead to more opportunities when she graduates from college. Pray, too, that through her work, more people will be blessed by our materials. 

Note (March 3): Sundays are not included in the 40 days of Lent. Enjoy celebrating Jesus with your church family today!

Week 1

Day 1 (February 14) – “Your prayers are our iron dome,” says a pastor in Ukraine. Pray for Mission Eurasia. They’re helping us translate Keys for Kids and Unlocked devotionals into Russian and Ukrainian in Ukraine. We have 8 months to complete. Pray for the work pastors and Christian leaders are doing in Ukraine as the bombing continues inside the country. Funding is needed to provide these resources to youth ministry leaders, pastors, and camp directors.

Day 2 (February 15) – Pray that the Keys for Kids Radio team would be able to have fun on the air while staying faithful to God’s Word. Pray that they would be able to meet the challenges of writing, recording, and producing many programs a week. Also pray over the hopes of a new streaming service geared towards young families. 

Day 3 (February 16) – Pray for the Keys for Kids Nepali Team. Keys for Kids has been translated into the Nepali language. It’s also being produced into radio programming. Currently, it’s heard on 20 radio stations in Nepal. Pray also that the team in Nepal can determine the effectiveness of the books, Storytellers (solar-powered MP3 players with an audio Bible and Keys for Kids audio stories), and radio programs.
Day 4 (February 17) – Pray for the staff of Keys for Kids Ministries as we continue to pursue the calling that God has given each of us. Ask the Lord to protect the team from sickness, discouragement, and sin. Ask that God would make His will clear and draw us deeper into His plan so that nothing can hinder us from igniting a passion for Christ in kids, teens, and families worldwide.
Note (February 18): Sundays are not included in the 40 days of Lent. Enjoy celebrating Jesus with your church family today! 

Day 5 (February 19) – Ask God to use our Keys for Camps program to encourage campers who receive our Keys for Kids and Unlocked devotionals each quarter. Pray that the campers would regularly read the devotions, maintain their focus during reading, and take the message of God’s Word to heart. If there are campers who have stopped reading for whatever reason, ask the Holy Spirit to remind them to start reading the devotions again.
Day 6 (February 20) – Keys for Kids Ministries has two mobile apps that serve to ignite a passion for Christ in kids and teens. The Keys for Kids app platform is being phased out. We need to find a new platform. That will require about $10,000 to update and transfer our current app platform to the new one. Pray also for wisdom as we continue to promote the Unlocked app to more teens. We believe it’s an effective evangelistic and discipleship tool. The app has been downloaded more than 40,000 times.

Day 7 (February 21) – Pray that the Holy Spirit will intervene to soften the hearts of kids, teens, and families around the world who are reading or listening to our devotions, and that they would give their lives to Christ.
Day 8 (February 22) – Pray for Phil Ayres (the voice of Zach) as he records Keys for Kids stories and other audio for Keys for Kids Radio. Ask God to protect him from sickness, give him wisdom as he writes copy for the programs, and provide words that would clearly communicate the message of the gospel through each recording. Phil is also a pastor. Pray God’s blessing upon his preaching and teaching.
Day 9 (February 23) – The summer camp season is just a few months away. Ask God to bless our Keys for Camps program. This is a program that helps camps encourage campers to stay in God’s Word all year long—not just for a week at camp—by creating resources sent directly to campers' homes. Pray that Brian Jones (our Camp Coordinator) can recruit camps for the program. Ask God to open these ministry doors to help us touch the lives of more than 50,000 campers this year. Most importantly, ask God to lead kids, teens, and families to Himself and help them grow in their faith. 
Day 10 (February 24) – Funding is an essential piece of Keys for Kids Ministries. Funding allows us to print devotionals and books, create and distribute radio programming, translate our materials, and pay our utilities and staff. Would you pray that God would call people to rise and give monthly toward the mission we believe God has set for us? In conjunction, please pray that the Lord will give us discernment, and reveal what doors of the ministry need to be opened or closed.

Note (February 25): Sundays are not included in the 40 days of Lent. Enjoy celebrating Jesus with your church family today!

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