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Storytellers Are Now a Reality

Grand Rapids, Mich (K4K) -- The fact is kids need Jesus. As followers of Christ, we know that. The question is what is the best way to reach them. The reality is there isn’t ONE way, there are lots of ways. At Keys for Kids Ministries we have a new and exciting way of seeing the hearts and lives of kids changed for eternity. Our Creature Feature Storyteller is that new way. 

Kids love stories. If you’re around them enough, you know they can listen to the same story over and over again and love it just as much as they did the first time. What if we told you we could provide you and the children in your life with a device that can tell 360 stories PLUS play the entire Bible in the form of a radio drama? I know you’d be interested.

The Keys for Kids Storyteller is a solar-powered MP3 device that has just that. It features 360 days of our Keys for Kids  devotional stories featuring Zach. It also provides access to a dramatized audio Bible that makes it easier for kids to understand God’s Word. 

This isn’t only something to share with kids overseas in unreached areas of the globe. All kids can benefit from listening to an audio Bible and hearing their favorite devotional stories that ultimately point them back to God’s Word.

The Creature Feature part of the package is what holds the Storyteller. The soft and cuddly stuffed animal has a pouch in its belly that’s designed to hold the Storyteller so the child can listen as they cuddle with their new friend. 

It’s the perfect gift to give the kids in your life because “faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ” (Romans 10:17). Also, when you purchase a Creature Feature Storyteller, the proceeds from your purchase help us translate and print Keys for Kids  in other languages, produce new audio stories, place Storytellers in the hands of kids who can’t afford them, and send them all over the world. 

What do kids think of them? “I love these,” says twelve-year-old Tiffany. “They’re so soft and cute! And I love these stories.” Ten-year-old Meagan says, “The WHOLE Bible is on here AND stories? This is great.” Daniel says, “I never have to plug this in to charge it. My friends can listen to this with me. I also like the flashlight.” 

We believe God could use this new branch of ministry to help Keys for Kids reach children and families in countries speaking languages we’ve never dreamed of reaching before. You can become part of this ministry by purchasing Storytellers for the kids in your life or by donating to the program. 

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Creature Feature storyteller from Keys for Kids Ministries on Vimeo.

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