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Keys for Kids Ready for 2021

There’s no question 2020 will go down as one of the hardest and most frustrating, confusing, and uncertain times in history. On January 1, who would have ever thought that in four short months our whole nation would be shut down because of a virus now known as COVID-19? I certainly didn’t. For me, the challenge came with one question—what will this mean for Keys for Kids Ministries? But God has been faithful. Keys for Kids has not only survived, we’re in an amazing position to reach more kids, more teens, and more families for Christ worldwide.

In March, donations fell drastically. We thought cuts were looming. Through much prayer, numerous phone calls, and God’s guiding hand, He provided wisdom, new ideas, match money, and willing friends to help Keys for Kids Ministries out of difficulty. Yet even as funding fell over the spring months, the COVID-19 crisis and racial conflict created worldwide uncertainty that caused more families to look to organizations like Keys for Kids Ministries for help in providing answers to their questions. Because of our longtime provision of biblical resources for families, thousands turned to us for our devotions, downloads, and radio programming. At one point, requests for our material was up 300 percent. Meeting this demand financially continues to be a challenge, but God is doing it through people like you.

Fast-forward to today, and fear and anxiety continue to plague both Christian and non-Christian kids, teens, and families worldwide. Schools aren’t back to normal. Many are learning virtually or being homeschooled, even though Mom and Dad are both working. Families are stressed. Single-parent families are in crisis. And the huge unemployment rate is causing even more panic. Depression and suicide are on the rise.

The good news is that God is using Keys for Kids Ministries to point people to the hope found in Christ alone. He is the ONLY answer. Since families need spiritual truth and are searching for it, we’re ready to meet those demands. We’re talking about these issues on all levels; from our radio network, to Keys for Kids and Unlocked devotions, to our app and email features.

As we look around us, there is both political and spiritual division in our land. Nothing this side of heaven can fix it. God’s Word provides the only answers, and sharing His truth with families is our focus at Keys for Kids Ministries. God is blessing our work and opening many doors. The only reason some doors remain closed is because of a lack of funding. Pray that God will encourage someone to give a crazy amount to help us meet the demand.

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