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Greg Yoder, President“Did you ever imagine we’d be seeing what we’re seeing in our culture in our lifetime?” That was a question a friend and I were discussing recently and how Keys for Kids Ministries is so important to kids, teens, and families worldwide right now.

Our country IS a mess. Why? When nations reject God and His will for their lives, they’re left to their evil desires (Romans 1:21-25). That’s exactly what we’re seeing today. Few people have a biblical worldview. Even fewer read the Bible. Fewer still have a relationship with Christ.

Keys for Kids Ministries exists for such a time as this (Esther 4:14). The only answer to the “mess” we face is Christ alone. The only answer to the racial issues is Christ alone. The only answer to political wars that rage is Christ alone. While it might be lost to the adult generation, kids are searching for spiritual truth.

Seventy percent of today’s Christians gave their hearts to Christ between the ages of 4 and 14. One ministry tells us that 80% of kids that age are looking for spiritual truth. The “mess” we’re facing isn’t hopeless, IF we can point them to THE Way, THE Truth, and THE Life our nation and the world will change.  

Keys for Kids Ministries provides hope in Christ daily through our kid and teen devotionals, radio programming, mobile apps, our International Storyteller ministry, WORD with Zach summer reading program, and our Keys for Camps program. The demand for all our resources are high because of the troubling “mess” we’re facing today from people worldwide – including Nepal, Russia, and Ukraine. Many are turning to God’s Word through Keys for Kids Ministries. Many more haven’t yet because they don’t know about us.

A new partnership with Send International is allowing Keys for Kids and Unlocked devotionals to be translated into Russian and Ukrainian. Keys for Kids Ministries has committed to raising more than $20,000 for the project that will allow Send International and other ministries to provide the same resources we're using in the United States, Russia, and Ukraine. Of course the devotionals will be contextualized during the translation process. Daily family devotions isn't a priority for many Christian families in Russia and Ukraine. Send International believes this will help Christian families grow in the faith, while also providing new resources for kids and teens who will attend summer camp. 

We can’t let these crazy times stop the work we’re doing. We also can't let a summer slump in donations hamper the work we believe God is calling us to. That's why we're asking all of our current donors to do something extra this summer. If you’ve given $1,000 in the past, consider giving an additional $1,000. If you’ve given $100, consider giving and additional $100. If you're a monthly donor, consider increasing your monthly gift by $5, $10, or $15 a month. Why? Because time is of the essence. Kids and teens are ready to hear the Truth -- truth found in Christ alone.

While the “mess” seems insurmountable, ALL things are possible with God. He is the one in control. Isn’t it exciting to know that He uses people like us to accomplish His will? Give your very best gift at and make an eternal difference in the lives of kids, teens, and families worldwide.

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