Position Opening - Executive Director

We are currently in the process of seeking the next Executive Director that will be led to Keys for Kids Ministries. More information about resource material for the position is available below.

Please submit applications and resumes to jobs@keysforkids.org, or by mail to:

Keys for Kids Ministries
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Press Release

Terre Ritchie announces retirement plans, press conference

Grand Rapids, Mich., Feb. 6, 2015—After serving on the Keys for Kids board of directors for 13 years, followed by 12 years as executive director, Terre Ritchie announced that she will retire in fall 2015.

“The entire board admires her insight and leadership, which are incredibly important skills to have in her role,” Board President Duane Culver said. “Her passion to help kids grow in their spiritual lives and desire to collaborate with organizations with similar missions is inspiring. We will certainly miss her God-given talents in the years to come.”

Those talents helped lead some of her team’s greatest successes over the past 12 years:

  • Produced an online Bible study, iTOADu.com.
  • Translated Keys for Kids stories into dozens of languages.
  • Rebranded CBH Ministries to Keys for Kids Ministries.
  • Reorganized the ministry into three operational divisions: radio, print and internet.
  • Moved the headquarters to a more efficient building.
  • Created the Seasons of Faith picture book series. 

Missions work is another passion of Ritchie’s. After leading 16 mission groups to Romania, she hopes to expand her personal ministry in retirement. “I’ve ministered to children in the US, France, Fiji, Kenya, Costa Rica and many more places around the world,” Ritchie said. “There’s never a shortage of work, just a shortage of workers. It’s my turn to spread the Gospel to expand the Kingdom in new ways.”

“Terre provided leadership for Keys for Kids Ministries during budget cuts and changes,” Culver said. “She has truly been a servant sharing the love of Jesus with children everywhere.”

“Since 1942, God has brought us two women as executive directors. The first, Bertha Trover Shooks, took the ministry from disappearing, to a well-run organization for many years,” said “Uncle” Charlie Vander Meer.  “The most recent woman God chose as executive director led us into new frontiers. Terre Ritchie is a joy to work with. While I’m sorry to see her go, I realize that this choice is made with her family and future in mind. God will bring the executive director of His choice in His timing.”

A committee comprised of board members has begun to search for Ritchie’s replacement. For additional information, members of the press are welcome to join a question and answer session with Terre Ritchie on Tues., Feb. 10 at 10 a.m. at 2060 43rd St., SE, Grand Rapids.

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KEYS FOR KIDS MINISTRIES, formerly Children's Bible Hour, was founded in 1942. Keys for Kids Ministries, a nondenominational international Christian media ministry, produces the quarterly devotional Keys for Kids, Keys for Kids Radio, audio drama Red Rock Mysteries, Seasons of Faith picture books, iTOADu.com and other web-based media for children. For more information about Keys for Kids Ministries, visit keysforkids.org.

A Note from Uncle Charlie

Through the 71 years of our ministry, God has brought us two women as Directors. The first, Bertha Trover Shooks, took the ministry from the sheer cliff of disappearing, to a well run organization that thrived under her directorship for many years. The last woman God chose as Director brought another breath of fresh air, an ability to lead us into new frontiers and new challenges. Terre Ritchie has been a delight to work with. She has accomplished much in her years of leadership. I was glad when she came and sorry that she is leaving, but realize that this choice is made with her family and future in mind. I pray that once again God will bring the Director of HIS choice, man or woman, who will take the ministry to the next level of awareness of where kids are at, and what they need us to provide to meet that need.

Charlie VanderMeer, Ambassador at Large

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