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Steve O'Dell

I am the oldest child and only son born to Alan and Lynn O’Dell. I was taught the great story of God from the very start, and at the tender age of 5, I recognized Jesus’ saving work on the cross and He set me free from my sins (I had racked up quite a few by that time). I didn’t understand everything, like giving Jesus Lordship over my life, but it was certainly the faith of a child, and at that point, God made me His child.

I always had an eye and ear for detail. I’m told when I was really little, learning my ABCs, 123s, colors, animals, I was VERY adamant that a hippopotamus in a picture book that was labeled a rhinoceros was NOT a rhinoceros... it was a HIPPO!! I also had a very active imagination and loved stories. Because I had a highly tuned ear, I entertained guests with my Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny routines, and my Howard Cosell and Elmer Fudd impersonations. I started out directing these little plays and musicals with my sisters and neighbor kids that we’d perform for the parents. I was usually the oldest, and usually called the shots (ok, maybe I was a bit bossy).

God was getting me ready to be a Creative Director.
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