"Uncle" Charlie Vander Meer

The history of the KEYS FOR KIDS MINISTRIES/CHILDREN’S BIBLE HOUR and the personal history of Charlie Vander Meer run along parallel lines.  Children’s Bible Hour began broadcasting in November 1942.  About a year later, when he was nine years old, Charlie was picked out of a studio audience by then host, “Uncle Mel Johnson” to participate in a live broadcast of Children's Bible Hour.  From there he went on to a regular spot in the program, reading from “Charlie’s Scrapbook,” reciting poems, helping in the dramatized stories, and often serving as “junior emcee.”

At 17, Charlie left the program for four years of college study, graduating in 1956 with a major in radio and television production.  Immediately he joined the staff of Children’s Bible Hour and in 1959 was named Assistant Director.  He worked closely with “Aunt Bertha” Shooks until her retirement in 1972, when he assumed the directorship of the ministry and host of the radio programs.

Known as “Uncle Charlie” to boys and girls around the world, he is part of a ministry that is currently aired on 1000 broadcast outlets, translators and satellators in all 50 states and in many foreign countries.

In March 1999, Charlie stepped down as Executive Director and is now serving in the capacity of Ambassador-at-large. He continued as the voice for the daily “Keys for Kids” 4 ½ minute six-day-a-week program, and the daily/weekly program called “Storytime,” as well as re-runs of the classic Children’s Bible Hour broadcasts until the beginning of 2016. Each of these three programs are heard on more than 200 radio outlets. 

Charlie and his wife Bette have three grown children and eight grandchildren, and six great grandchildren. Now that he is a “senior citizen”, he has a “Grandpa puppet” which he uses for senior-citizen events.  But first, and foremost, Charlie believes that Jesus meant what He said in Mark 10:14: “Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them..…”

Update from Uncle Charlie

The cooler weather, the start-up of another school year, these are all signs that fall has come our way. Here in Michigan, it’s great watching the leaves change color, and being reminded that we have a wonderful Creator Who made it all possible.

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"Better known as “Uncle Charlie” to millions of kids—young and old —around the world, VanderMeer may not be as active as he once was, but his impact is still felt in immeasurable ways..."

Uncle Charlie's Legacy by Danny Summers (Power for Living)

NRB 2017 Radio Impact Award by National Religious Broadcasters

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