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The Keys for Kids Next Initiative is an effort to fund and support building renovations and support of the work that will move into that part of our renovated building. The 1,390 square feet renovation will provide space for the exponential growth of our Keys for Camps and storyteller programs. That growth not only includes space for the Keys for Camps and storyteller staff, but it provides space and funding for our new teen devotional staff, video studio and development and marketing. It also provides the needed improvements to get our facility ready for more traffic at our building. The Initiative is a two-year plan and commitment.


North Wing Renovation

  • Plans, construction, furnishing
    • Generator
  • Parking lot renovation

Total Cost: $185,639






Teen Devotional 

  • Staff
  • Printing                                                                  
  • Mobile App

Total Cost: $217,263







Video Studio

  • Cameras/Mics/Switcher/Mixer
  • Production Equipment
  • Lighting Stands
  • Computers
  • Wiring

Total Cost: $74,007




  • Company vehicle with wrap
  • Advertising teen devotional, app, and Storytellers

Total Cost: $96,600                                                             




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