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Our culture today is having a negative effect on our kids. They’re being lied to. They’re being told what’s “normal” in our world today is actually “good,” while God’s Word clearly tells us it’s sin. If our kids and grandkids aren’t in God’s Word, how will they know how to determine what’s right and wrong?


Because the need is so great, we must move forward with our plans to reach more kids and families with the Gospel. If you’ve read our newsletters, you know we have some ambitious plans. Plans that can’t be put on hold because of the typical summer slump in giving.


You can help us by joining the Keys for Kids Key Club, which will provide the funding needed to produce more devotionals for thousands of more kids in the US, translate Bible stories into multiple languages, utilize new technology to produce our new solar-powered Storyteller devices that will ultimately be available in the top languages of the world, and reach thousands of kids on Keys for Kids Radio (, a 24-7 Christian radio station for kids.


Your ongoing monthly support will help prevent lulls in giving and allow us to continue moving forward to reach kids before the lies of the culture steal their hearts. I hope you’ll be one of our new Key Club members.

*Only donations made online by US residents can be receipted for tax purposes by this office. Canadian residents can be receipted by donating through our Canadian office, P.O. Box 124, Maple Ridge, BC V2X 7E9, Canada.

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