Help Ukrainian Refugee Families

In the midst of ongoing conflict and turmoil in Ukraine, there are pastors courageously standing firm, risking conscription into the military, to lead war victims to faith in Christ. While the war rages on, a new crisis emerges: donor fatigue. While the spiritual and humanitarian needs are immense, funding and resources are fading. The 2022 Russian invasion sparked a humanitarian crisis of unprecedented scale since World War II. Millions remain displaced, yearning for stability and hope.

Partnering with groups like Mission Eurasia and Send International, Keys for Kids Ministries has been a beacon of light, sending 400,000 devotionals in 2022 and 2023. But the need persists. Mission Eurasia is requesting an additional 200,000 this year for vital summer camps, back-to-school initiatives, and Christmas outreach. Our financial goal? $50,000. And a generous donor will match all gifts up to $25,000. 

Will you join us in extending a lifeline to the children, teens, and families left behind in Ukraine? They crave not only sustenance but also the hope of the Gospel. With your generous support, Keys for Kids and Unlocked devotionals in Russian and Ukrainian can deliver the hope they desperately seek.

Donate today and help us make a spiritual difference in the lives of kids, teens, and families in war-torn Ukraine.

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